A brand new world

One truth that is slowly and surely dawning on me is that there is absolutely nothing outside of me that can limit me. I am realizing more and more that my limits are internal, not external. My external conditions do not have to change for me to become more fulfilled and create what I want to create in the world. All that needs to change is my internal realities, images, thoughts, beliefs.

I am realizing that “All things are possible to them that believe” is not just a biblical statement but a statement of absolute truth, a possible, livable reality. This realization opens up new vistas of limitless possibilities where only hopelessness existed. It opens one up to a brand new world, a wonder-ful world that you are elated to wake up to every morning, to participate in every day and be thankful for every night.

O depression, where is thy sting? O despair, where is thy victory?

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