A place of refuge

Last night, I attended a fundraising gala organized by Montreal-based Women Aware and I was putting this post together in my mind during the gala, hearing how Women Aware helps victims of domestic abuse. Last post, I wrote about the reality of goodness attacks, invasion of goodness, overwhelming goodness. I wrote it, knowing that we live in a world where evil is prevalent and can happen without warning. This is a world where a bystander can be beaten to death just because he happened to be in the vicinity of another boy who was struck in the face by a girl and he needed to express his outrage. This is a world where gang rape is recorded and transmitted on the Internet so others can feast on the evil pleasure of defiling a human being. It is a world where calamity can befall a family right in their own home and a man’s wife and daughters can be raped and slaughtered while he is bound in his own house.

This is our world. Evil surrounds us and it seems to be mutating into even more inhuman evil and our human systems and institutions are powerless to prevent it or grant us safety. Nowhere is immune. I am from Nigeria where armed robbery attacks and kidnappings happen regularly and I have experienced both. But I live in Canada, supposedly one of the safest places in the world and it is safe, and even more inhuman acts are carried out here by human beings, on fellow human beings, from time to time.

I am forced to look to another world. The more I see what evil we human beings and our offsprings are capable of perpetrating on our fellow human beings and their offsprings, the more I want to seek refuge in another world, another kingdom right here, right now. Natural disasters and accidents are one thing and are quite prevalent but evil perpetrated randomly by fellow human beings among whom we must live, work and play while we are in this world suggests a rather sad, unsafe, sinister world.

For my sanity and freedom from extreme paranoia, I have chosen to believe in the reality of another kingdom, that Jesus called the kingdom of heaven. In my world, it is the only thing that guarantees or at least promises safety, and transformation from tendency towards evil for individuals, families, societies in a wicked and perverse world. I personally experienced transformation from my internal tendency towards evil and abuse, and my worlds (my family, my communities, my neighborhood, my enterprises) are slightly safer because of it. I and my family also regularly experience safety in this place of refuge. It is a spiritual place of refuge that is independent of place, and translates into actual physical deliverance whenever the need arises.

I have resolved to pursue this to heaven, even if I sound “religious”, archaic and politically incorrect. I have decided that even if this Jesus, God thing is a “great deception” (and I am proof that it is truth), it is a good news I will stick to and get deeper in, till I draw my last breath. It is my intelligent, intentional way of being in this world as it is right now. It is my place of refuge.

2 thoughts on “A place of refuge

  1. Beautiful! I was directed to this post from your 3/15/11 blog post. I am glad that I did. So much is said these days about political correctness. Yet, however the world sees our desire and choice to believe in a Holy Awesome God, it is what transforms our time here into something with purpose and promise.I rejoice for you and your family whose safe haven is the Lord.

  2. Thank you Ella for following through to this post. I just think it is apt considering what we are all going through in Japan. It is all just a reminder that we live in an evil world but there is a place of refuge, waiting for each of us to enter. "It is what transforms our time here into something with purpose and promise" – very thoughtful, very true.

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