Am I truly following Christ?

Believers in Christ have been called to emulate Christ, not just believe in, admire or worship him.

He issued a challenge we are yet to come close to meeting: “He who believes in me will do the works I do and greater works than these shall he do, because I go to my Father.”

What works?

Those things we classify as miracles thereby pushing them out of our minds as impossible.

Another translation of the original Greek word, is business. It suggests activity we are to carry out day in day out, not miracles we are to experience. Why not, if we are meant to follow him?

As an entrepreneur, that catches my interest. Business makes use of various resources to create products and services.

Jesus’ first act of business was to turn water into wine at a wedding party, not at a religious event. He asked that pots be filled with water and that the master of ceremony be served. The water had become wine by the time it got on the table.

I can imagine what did not transpire.

I grew up going to the farm, so I have an idea of what needed to happen in our world, for wine to come into being, from the soil to the table.

I understand economics, so I know about the factors of production that needed to be put to use.

I am an entrepreneur so I know of the resources required to arrive at a great wine product.

All of these were by-passed, yet there was wine, that was much better than that which our world system produced. Yet He did not bother to proclaim what He had done.

For those who understand that “the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things we see were not made out of things which are visible,” this is not surprising. 

What would it be like today to be a Jesus type of employee, a Jesus type of entrepreneur, a Jesus type of social change agent, a Jesus type of politician?

I am African and Nigerian where there is scarcity, including scarcity of food.

Am I truly following Christ? Are we really following Christ or are we just claiming to?

7 thoughts on “Am I truly following Christ?

  1. Provoking post indeed, am I  “…a Jesus type of employee, a Jesus type of entrepreneur,…?”

    I have to differ on something though, I believe scarcity is a mindset. Africa and by extension Nigeria, is blessed, very rich in resources and diversity. We have to renew our minds. If food is scarce, it is because the farmers or entrepreneurs are not ” truly following Christ and just claiming to be”. Simple case scenario, how many people have pieces of land, but have not tilled it year-in year-out, or the rains that we received are not harnessed productively to be used in irrigation. If we have anyone to blame it must be ourselves, starting with me.

    If I say the task is impossible on my own, it’s true. That’s where the Jesus type of entrepreneur comes in, knowing that God will use what you have to give you more, only if you believe and are dependent upon Him.

    Hoping I understood the context of scarcity in the article!

    • Maureen, as I have said before, you are a blessing.

      Thank you for highlighting scarcity. You took the post farther than I did.

      You could not be more right, scarcity is a mindset. I have repeatedly spoken and tweeted about the fact that the problem of Nigeria and by extension Africa, is a mindset problem. Follow @RenewNigeria on Twitter. Scarcity without is a result of nothing but scarcity within and I could not say more to what you have said. When we change our mindsets, we will indeed realize that “much food is in the tillage of the poor.”

      There are no poor countries, only poor minds. Scarcity is indeed a mindset. The task before saviors and leaders therefore is changing mindsets, en masse.

      • Thanks Tolu, reading your articles also blesses me a lot. I am renewing my mind in the process and grasping many spiritual truths. I have followed @RenewNigeria , the name truly represents the need for mindsets to be changed. I am loving the tweets already, we need to have such a revival all over Africa, and stop living as if “the dark continent” is a trophy. I am grateful for your insight as well.

  2. Matther 13:44…..The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up; then from his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.This parable describes how a person is converted and brought into the kingdom of heaven. He discovers a treasure and is impelled by joy to sell all he has in order to have this treasure. You are converted to Christ when Christ becomes for you a treasure chest of holy joy. The new birth of this holy affection is the common root of all the conditions of salvation. We are born again—converted—when Christ becomes a treasure in whom we find so much delight that trusting him, obeying him, and turning from all that belittles him becomes our normal habit. Salvation is so hard….only God can do it!

  3. I like how that translation uses the word “business.” A proper businessman always has his cards handy to introduce his business at formal events. As Jesus-type employees or entrepreneurs, it behooves us to be excellent business reps as well. This was so thought-provoking!

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