Amazing Love

This morning, I was listening to Hillsong’s “To know your name” with my daughter Oluwatofunmi and I could not help but shed tears as I sang along. The part, “Your grace has overwhelmed my brokenness” really got me. “He took my place, knowing he’d be crucified” made me realize I do not know the extent of His love for me and that we have no clue the heart of our Creator, especially since we tend to blame Him for what goes wrong in our lives and in the world. I had to shed tears when I heard, “You loved a people undeserving” and I realize that even though I am undeserving, I am loved to death by the Creator and sustainer of the universe. I am humbled and honored by the grace and glory given to me, to us in the person of Jesus Christ.

Needy and in rags, we keep spitting in God’s face and yet all He wants to do is embrace us and lift us up to His royalty. Words fail to describe the meaning and reality. It has to be experienced.

10 thoughts on “Amazing Love

  1. Tolulope, this post really got me. Just what i needed to start my day. I was sitting with my cup of tea when your post came in. I was not familiar with the song your mentioned, so off to youtube i went. Now my home is filled with this glorious sound and I am humbled and honored by His grace. Eph 2:1 And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins.What a great post, it hits the right spot!

  2. Thank you Buky. Seeing this little me beside the Creator as that scripture in Eph 2 says, humbles me totally and all I want to do is surrender myself completely. Thank you for being touched as I was.

  3. TOLU…I read this post many times…it's true…love is not a deal…Love is a pure devotion,is just giving…otherwise it's not love…as you always say "GOD IS LOVE"…it's why he can love even undeserving ones…GOD is the Definition,the Icon of Love.

  4. Thank you Bahar. I could not agree more with you. God's love is one thing I cannot get over. His love is more amazing to me than His omnipotence. When I consider that this Omnipotent being loves me enough to die my death, it is just too much for me. The part of the post I like best is the "Needy and in rags…" part. We are all undeserving and He loves us still.

  5. Hi..Thanks for paying attention to my comments…yes…you are absolutely right…"we are all undeserving and he loves us still"…because His love is not a deal…he never waits for us to give Him back ,he keeps loving us…nonstop.

  6. Bunmi, Tofunmi found it on youtube. She saw me shed tears but she knows Daddy is not too manly to shed tears in God's presence, like I wrote on the Provocations page – "I am a man but I cry. I cry. I cry. I am a man but I cannot help but cry when I am in the presence of the Ancient of days, the Almighty, the most High God, the Alpha and Omega, who spoke the galaxies and the everlasting hills into being and I realize I am too small to stand in His presence. I cry more, when I realize that in spite of it all, He holds me."

  7. Yes. One of my best songs in church is "who am I that you would come and see me?" God's love overwhelms me much more than his power. Thank you for your response.

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