Are you hardly working?

Growing up, I was taught to work hard. We played hard but we all had morning chores before school. If my Dad asked, “What are you doing,” you had better not say “nothing.” I worked hard on the farm, at home, at school and later as an employee in Shell Petroleum and GT Bank. My siblings and I were taught and expected to work hard by exerting ourselves mentally and physically. Becoming an entrepreneur was a natural progression for me.

But in scriptures, I see God referred to as working when all He did in creating the universe was speak. Naturally, it did not compute, because “Let there be light…and there was light” seemed more like playing and having fun with words than working. I am now realizing that my conception of work is what needs correction, not God’s. Firstly, if He says a+b=c, no other opinion or experience counts. Secondly, the fruits of his work are still standing since creation, even though they were all spoken into existence.

I am renewing my thinking to this: God works with words and so, sustainable work requires words. God uses words to create, renew, maintain and destroy. I do not think that violence or “the sweat of thy face” were intended, when He told his copy to subdue the earth and have dominion over it. Like God, I believe we were designed to work with words, since we are meant to possess His wisdom and ability, which would eliminate toil. If we function in God’s class, shouldn’t we produce results as effortlessly as “let there be light… and there was light?”

Look non-religiously at the things we call miracles, which I believe are merely glimpses into our lost civilization, which Christ invites us back to. Moses needed no special equipment to divide a sea. With words, Joshua made this 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000-kg earth to stand still for 24 hours. With mere words and no factory, Elisha produced marketable oil. Jesus created physical substance, renewed human tissue, corrected mental and spiritual diseases with words. He further messes things up by saying mountains can obey our commands. I have tried to rationalize that statement as merely figurative but after considering that the mountain was spoken into existence and he had just used words to kill a tree, I concluded that Yes, words can move mountains.

In Yoruba language, isé means work but in typical Yoruba fashion, similarly spelt ìsé means fruitless toiling and exertion. From God’s perspective, I have been doing ìsé and not isé. I need to learn isé from the Master. He showed that we bring the power of the Almighty Spirit in us to bear on any matter with words. Imagine making strategic speaking a lifestyle! If we will give account of every idle word we speak, then our words are meant to be strategic and targeted. Have you been working hard but hardly working?

2 thoughts on “Are you hardly working?

  1. Tolu, this is good and timely.I have been focusing on my purpose and calling lately. I have always worked but for money. I chose profession that will give me great returns. While that has been wonderful it has not been fulfilling. Since I have been on this journey and have discovered my true calling. I have also recognized that work can be enjoyable, fun and also financially rewarding. What I am taking from your post is to use my words more intentionally to produce and yield fruitful results. Interestingly part of what I will doing next is doing more Speaking engagement. I will be drawing more on Him for the right words to speak to bless others.Tolu, thank you once again. Your post always give me a fresh perspective on real life issues I can apply immediately.

  2. Thanks again Buky.I believe true work, isé, is meant to be enjoyable, fun, stress-free and rewarding in every way. Toiling came into the picture when man fell. Subduing the earth was not meant to be with brute force, suffering and death but with the same grace, power and wisdom as Jesus functioned while He was here.This is a word-created, word-ruled, word-maintained universe and everything in the universe responds to words. Our words are not meant to be careless as they are the stuff the universe is made of. Even God is referred to as the Word.I firmly believe that our work must incorporate strategic speaking, as that is the way we bring the same power that created the universe, to bear on any situation. Working with words is sweat-free and fun. It is more exciting and fun to move a mountain with words than with bulldozers, billions of dollars and thousands of toiling hands and heads. The only thing it takes is faith, which any believer can develop if they want to. One of the things I am training myself to do is make my words come to pass. I am using this for mundane things like finding parking downtown and even for much bigger things. When we work with words, we will realize like Bishop Oyedepo says, "there is a struggle-free zone in Zion."God will give you the right words to use to bless people, since He blesses people with words too, not goods. I am glad you are blessed by these words as I am blessed by them.

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