As easy as breathing

Marc Lesser, a friend and fellow SVN member gave a workshop in Montreal over the weekend, at the start of which he called everyone’s attention to the fact that we were breathing. It was simple but profound.

Who sits down to ponder the fact that they are breathing? Yet, without it there is no existence. It is what makes our quests or conquests possible.

The breath of life is a gift from the Creator. If you think of it, breathing is a slightly bigger miracle than securing a better job, a better car, a better house, becoming debt free, growing your enterprise or finding a life partner. We are enjoined to praise God not just because we succeed in our affairs but because we breathe.

If you are breathing, you are a living miracle, if you seek one. You have a reason to be full of joy and gratitude and to celebrate the fact that you are alive. When next you breathe, feel free to smile, even burst into laughter for no other reason but that you are breathing. It is even more amazing that the source of our breath invites us into communion. If we listen to Him, the lesser feats we desire can happen as easily as breathing.

Jesus Christ asks us not to worry for example about what to wear because the body is more than clothing. This does not mean you should not bother to clothe your body since having a body is so miraculous. It simply means that since you already have a body, you do not have to worry about the lesser feat of clothing it.

Christ invites us to refrain from working for necessities just as we do not work for our breath. We were not given the priceless breath of life so we can pursue silver and gold but so we can pursue God while silver and gold ensue as easily as our breathing.

2 thoughts on “As easy as breathing

  1. Tolu, wow, funny post at the end, but it does totally make sense! We are breathing and already have a body – why worry about anything. That we are miracles already just that we are breathing, is profound. I needed this reminder. The simple pleasures of feeling the sun, hearing the birds chirping and smelling the flowers – God is reminding me to trust in Him. It is as easy as breathing!

  2. The Bible says “Let everything that has breath praise God” not everything that has a job, clothes, food, etc. We often ignore these things; they are mundane but very true. It’s a reminder that God who gives you the privilege to be a part of the miracle of breathing knows the other “silver and gold” that you need…

    Thank you.

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