In Yoruba, my native language, there is a saying which, to the best of my ability to interpret and paraphrase, goes something like, “A ram that recedes is not running away, it is only gone to strengthen itself.” I went offline and stopped writing publicly for a while. I did not run away… I am back, very back!

Thanks for believing in the God in me.

7 thoughts on “Back!

  1. Tolu, I rejoice that you are back I have missed the wisdom of your writings.I look forward to reading what the Lord has downloaded to you whilst you were being strengthened.While you are gently easing yourself back into blogging, please pass by The Faith Lounge for some refreshment.God Bless you and your family and may His face continue to shine on you all.

  2. My bros, I have not written for a lonnnnngggggg time too, and i cut off from everyone, today, I decided to write and check my gmail account and I saw your mail. I am glad we are both back.

  3. @Buky, that is touching, Thank you.@Carole, thank you and Amen. I am perpetually being strengthened, so I will pass by your blog soon.@Bahar, thank you very much.@LD, This brought smiles. It feels great to be a reason for thanksgiving. Thank you.@Rahabmemoirs, it is good from time to time to disconnect in order to reconnect stronger and better. Thank you.

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