Beginning of the end of Wall Street

I think the Occupy Wall Street movement will dent Wall Street. But some will say it is not the most effective of ways, and I agree. Ineffective or pedestrian as it is, as long as “the people are one and they have one language,” Wall Street will be dented. When any group of people act in unison towards a specific objective, their desire will not be restrained from them. This is the beginning of the end of Wall Street as we know it, unless the determination of the protesters wanes.

Having said this, I do not believe the movement would have been necessary if there was more Christ on this planet and less religion. He went about doing good and delivering the oppressed. Instead of being true followers of Him as a supernatural race of beings whose primary role includes delivering the oppressed in society, Christians have conformed to the oppression and decadence in society. How can we have any societal relevance when our identification with Christ starts and ends within the walls of church buildings? We claim Christ is alive and we live as though He is a fable.

In the absence of saviors on Mount Zion, the oppressed must attempt to deliver themselves and they will achieve their desire, if they faint not. But if the intended solution regardless of how promising it seems, originates from the same dead system that produced Wall Street, it is still death and can only be death because death cannot produce life. A deeply entrenched system like that which produced Wall Street will fall apart if it works against itself and that is not about to happen without external intervention.

According to Albert Einstein, the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the level of thinking that created them. No problem can be solved by a solution originating from the system that caused the problem. Every system maintains equilibrium unless an external force acts on it, according to Newton’s law of inertia. To solve any problem, we need access to an intelligence that stands outside the system and is more powerful than it. This is why I think Occupy Wall Street is an unwitting, albeit sincere call for the likes of Christ. They are here already, they just need to wake up to their real identity. They think they are powerless but their ignorance is the only thing sustaining the powers that be. Perhaps the Occupy movement is one of the triggers that will awaken them.

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