Being a creature

Last night, while reading the story of Jonah to Tófúnmi our 4-year old daughter, I asked her “When you use your play dough to make a pen can the pen say to you, ‘I don’t want to be a pen, I want to be a chicken.'” She laughed and said, “Nooo, Daddy you are too funny.”

Creatures comply. They humble themselves before their creator and permit their creator to do to them as He pleases.

A simple but profound truth that needs to sink in is that we share something with stones, plants and animals – we were brought into existence and sustained by the same maker. That realization can free us from needless agitations to surrender to Him who created us without our help, who desires and is able to bless us beyond comprehension.

As a creature, you do not get to determine your purpose, you only choose to discover it and to fulfill it. It is in my best interest to align myself with the Spirit’s purpose. If it takes Him 20 years to mould you and it takes Him 30 years to mould me, I ought to be content with my lot and joyfully go about His business. This Potter’s agenda infinitely transcends me and my lifetime.

Thankfully, our Creator has revealed and continues to reveal His plan, which is so good we need supernatural help to believe it. It is impossible to submit to the Spirit and not be blessed beyond our wildest dreams, not only in this world but in the age to come. It is His world, His planet and His universe.

Humility is not modesty, poverty or an appearance of piety. It is submitting to God as Tófúnmi’s play dough submits to her. It is accepting whatever God does or says to and about you and may actually be considered pride by some. Humility is wisdom. It is the only way for God to express His artistry and manifest His being in and through us. We all need it.

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  1. Thank you for this post! I navigated over cos I was still pissed I couldn’t comment on the last post with my phone and I saw this. It is personally very timely. I find it very difficult at this moment to surrender and I guess this post has just reminded me that I don’t own my self and all that happens to me; all I need to do is to be wise and accept what He says He wants to do with me. Thank you again for this. God bless you richly!

    • Thank you Feyi. This is why I write – that it may minister grace to someone in time of need. Thank you for blessing me with those kind words.

      We all find it difficult from time to time to surrender because we think we must always be doing something as though God needs our help to do anything, as though He is not capable of running His universe by Himself. When Jesus told Martha to stop troubling herself, i believe He was also saying the trouble and anguish, even to provide food for the Master, is unnecessary considering the Master only had to speak a few words to provide enough food for thousands of people in an instant. May we all surrender more…

  2. A creature is humble. Easily molded and changed into the form the Creator wants the creature to take. The difference between us and stones is we have a will/ a choice. God has infinitely left an imprint in our hearts, that He is Sovereign. We only need to comply to His will and He will bless us more than we can ever imagine.

    This post blesses me.

    • Thank you Maureen. A creature is naturally humble. The realization that we were made is a very simple but profound truth that can change our lives. We cannot but be humble when we realize that “it is He who has made us and not we ourselves.” God wants to pour Himself through and into us and that only happens when we use our will/power of choice to yield completely to Him.

      Thanks again for an enriching comment.


    Humility is wisdom….hmmmm…Abba, make me humble. Thine kingdom come, thy will be done

    The simple yet profound truth of shared characteristics with stones, plants and animals that neither toil nor spin is convicting and reassuring. Aiye pe meji indeed

    Thank you for this post. It is a word in season for me, to encourage and nudge me towards the high calling of God.

    • Every blessing comes to us when, though we are in God’s image, we do not try to take His place in our lives but we take our place as creatures. It is not a matter of religion but a matter of wisdom, of understanding, of intelligence. Foolishness begins when we try to take God’s place…

      Aiyé pé méjì. Òrò

      Thanks for enriching me Tolu.

      • Foolishness begins when we try to take God’s place…taking our place and playing our roles as creatures is simply a matter of wisdom not religion…hmmmm

        Thank you for blessing me with these posts on being a creature and being a child unto God, our Father

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