Being an oracle

To know that I am a Cleaner, you only need to see me at work and see the difference I am making. I do not have to speak or argue with you about it. But there is a level of embodiment where action includes but transcends the physical, where speaking is active, where words produce results that linger way beyond your physical actions. While our physical actions affect tangible reality, to move anything in the invisible realm of ultimate reality, spoken or unspoken words must come into play.

Saying “I am a Cleaner” from a place of authenticity and omnipotency can rearrange thought patterns and can itself clean the intangible as surely as my hands wipe dust off a table. I once shared during a talk in a church in Montreal, “my body cleans, my mind cleans and my spirit cleans.” That is embodiment, the French word for which is incarnation. My words on cleaning therefore cannot but be transformational.

I have witnessed shifts in people’s paradigms where years of accumulated mental dirt in their inner spaces and their “windows” are removed in an instant after hearing about something as seemingly mundane as cleaning. I have seen people moved to tears, hearing about…cleaning even in Ivy League schools (which can be guardians of the status quo), yes because of the radicality of cleaning but more because of the authenticity and the power behind the words.

Last semester, a student at McGill remarked, after a session hearing about…cleaning, “my favorite class of the entire semester…really opened my eyes and gave me a better view of the world.” That is window cleaning and should be the point of education. Although the arguments were hard to argue with, I do not think it was the intellectual soundness of the ideas that changed his worldview, one of the hardest cleaning tasks in the world, but the power behind the spoken word and the ability of the word to shift reality, to clean dirt in the invisible realm as surely as my hands sweep dirt on a floor.

Followers of Christ are not called to argue whether or not Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life, whether or not the Bible is God’s Word or if the universe was created by the spoken word. We are called to bear witness to the truth, we are called to be living proofs. Stop arguing that there is a force capable of overcoming gravity, demonstrate lift.

There is an intellectual dimension to truth but its persuasive and transformational power lies more in the experiential than the intellectual. If the good news of Jesus is truth, why argue it? Isn’t it more exciting to show it by being a living proof?

Wole Soyinka once said, “a tiger does not proclaim its tigritude, it pounces.” When I saw it, I wished I had spoken it first and I blogged about it in a post that is the most visited on this blog.

A tiger’s tigritude is in pouncing on and tearing prey apart, not in saying, “I am a tiger” unless of course saying it is itself tigritude. A Christian’s Christianity is in acting and producing results after the order of Jesus Christ, not just in saying “I am a Christian” unless we are such clear channels and we so incarnate Christ that those words not only silence arguments, they arrest the hearer.

Thankfully, our words can be both intellectually irrefutable and undeniably transformational. In that dimension, words are no longer mere words, they have the power by themselves to shift reality. Quantum Physics is beginning to catch up to what the patriarchs and my “primitive” African forebears knew so well: that the spoken word is the most fundamental building block of reality.

Isaac sent words into his children’s future to create the meta-narratives of their lives. In addressing, teething collective and individual problems, my “primitive” ancestors spoke words that were not just meant to communicate ideas but to “communicate” power. Balaam a diviner, was one of the several people across generations, who spoke Jesus into being,“I shall see him, but not now: I shall behold him, but not nigh: there shall come a Star out of Jacob, and a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel, and shall smite the corners of Moab, and destroy all the children of Sheth.” Those were not ordinary words. Jesus shaped reality and created new matter with words. Our seeming technological prowess is quite primitive in comparison.

To attain this level of being, where words create and shape reality, we will have to go deeper than the level of mere church attendance. Our spirits will have to feed on God rather than stuff ourselves with Facebook and Instagram and Netflix. We will have to spend unlimited amounts of time in deep meditation in what we claim as truth and let it transform us until we start to become one with it, until we become oracles.

If we are what we eat, imagine if your invisible spirit feeds as regularly on the inspired words of God as your visible body feeds on physical food? Surely, and regardless of who gets annoyed by this, you will become a god, speaking like the God whose words are as good as Him. You become an oracle. Then arguments are silenced, strongholds are demolished, you control affairs in the spirit without your voice necessarily being heard in the streets.

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