Beyond faith in the resurrection

The universe is humanly impossible. The earth and the planets exist under conditions that are nothing short of miraculous. Human beings are a miracle. The more we understand ourselves the more we realize we are humanly impossible. How about the different living organisms and ecosystems? How possible are they from a human standpoint? We may be able to observe nature but by ourselves, we cannot create the simplest of living organisms.

We are miracles surrounded by miracles, living in a miracle, with delegated authority to produce miracles.

The resurrection of Christ is humanly impossible but so is our origin, our continued existence and the physical universe we call home. So faith in the resurrection makes sense and is therefore not an achievement, neither is it an end in itself. Faith in the resurrection is dead if it does not lead to corresponding actions and tangible proofs that are equally miraculous.

Don’t we need miraculous interventions today all over Africa and the rest of the world?

I believe the solutions to societal problems lie with those of us who not only believe in the resurrection but possess the Love that planned it and the very power that executed it. We blame politicians, the “powers that be”, corporations or even global warming for problems in our domains when we have resurrection power we can deploy at will.

The resurrection is not so much a historical fact to prove nor an event to celebrate as a reality to live.

6 thoughts on “Beyond faith in the resurrection

  1. Amen!
    As we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, may we remember that, the SAME power that rose Jesus from the dead, lives WITHIN us, and that greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world.  I repeat what you state Tolu, ‘with delegated authority to produce miracles’.

    May God Bless you richly and your family, as you commerate Resurrection Day.

  2. The “biggest” thing going on in the world is christianity. We just don’t hear
    about it in the news. We anticipate the reversing of the Adamic curse and the
    recreating of the earth to become as He originally intended it. Jesus Christ
    will reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I’ll take my “best

    • Hmmm. I would say the thing the world desperately craves today is Christlikeness – true resemblance of and progression towards Christ and that is what Jesus invites us to. He invites us to display the reversal of the Adamic curse even today like He did when He walked this planet.

      Thank you sir for your faithful comments.

  3.  ‘we’re miracles, living withing miracles, on a miracle, given authority to do the miraculous!!!
    i think i’ll have to use that sometimes.
    and the whole thing about how the resurrection isn’t merely historical, nor just the highlight of the Christian faith, but should serve as the beginning of our lives and the miraculous in and through us…wow

    • Thanks Fisayo. Thanks for adding to this. I sometimes take time to respond to comments so as to digest what is being said. I am privileged to benefit from people who do not comment for the sake of it but because they have something to contribute from deep within. Thank you.

      This struck me as a statement to reflect on – “the resurrection should serve as the beginning of our lives and the miraculous in an through us.” 

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