Beyond the best

It is humanly impossible to follow Christ. His followers are called to be what He called Himself – “the light of the world.” Being the light of the world does not mean being famous, having lots of money, enjoying good health or any of the things people live and die for. It does not even mean being nice. I agree with humanists, you do not need to believe in God to be “good.” Being the light of the world means being the reference point in the world, being the standard, redefining human existence, in conformity with the Creator’s intent.

The light of the world is light years beyond the best in the world. As the light of the world, God expects me to go beyond being blessed, but to bless. Go beyond being healed, heal. Go beyond having a great job; redefine what it means to have a job. Go beyond excelling, be the reference. Go beyond loving my friends, love those who hate me. Transcend the human plain and live in Christ’s class. I constantly remind myself that Christ did not invite us to merely celebrate, worship and admire Him, which is humanly possible and religiously, if not politically correct, especially at Christmas. He invites us instead to practically follow in His footsteps, a quest that calls for the supernatural.

No one can evolve into Christ. Becoming a follower of Christ requires a new being. He not only called us to follow in His footsteps, He expects us to do greater things than He did! He expects us to be what He would be if He were here in this 21st century world of smart phones, tablets, apps, Google, Facebook, Twitter, airplanes, space travel, nanotechnology and biotech, not the 1st century world. Now the stakes are higher because, having become enlightened and advanced, we consider God passé. Spiritually, being the light of the world in the 21st century is the same as in the 1st century but practically, very different.

How do you make people see for example, that our “enlightenment” is darkness and folly, not just in eternity but here and now? How do you show that what we call advancement is light years behind what the Creator expects of the human race, on this planet? How do you practically show that everything we crave and idolize is present and eternal death? How do you display life to a society that is fully convinced it is living? How do you model godliness, making it desirable for the world that now is and that which is to come? This is what Christ would be doing if He were physically present and multitudes would still follow Him like in the 1st century. I wonder why multitudes have not been following 21st century Christians and why multitudes will follow Antichrist who will deceptively model Christ briefly.

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