Birth it, don’t abort it.

Many of us shy away from the thought of creating something new because what we have in mind does not exist elsewhere. We think, “no one else does it” or “no one else has done it before.” But that is exactly the point and the joy of creating. If it already exists, then it is not creative and we are not making our own contribution to existence.

There does not need to be an existing replica of what you are trying to bring into existence and you do not need to have done it before. It could be a book, a business idea, a new service, a product, any contribution to existence. If you only did what you have done before, you would never grow and the world would be a very boring place.

You are already unique anyway and you have never existed. If you would be true to yourself, you would believe for and birth something that has never existed. Why would you want to conform your idea to what exists? The uniqueness of your creation is not the reason to abort it. It is the reason to bring it to life. After all, you are unique and you exist. Why not your idea?

We are here, not as place fillers but as individual unique beings each with something to give that the world needs. Let’s stop depriving the world of our uniqueness because no one else does it. If you are here in this dispensation, your thought is needed here, your idea is needed here, your concept is needed here, now. Besides, the fact that your idea does not exist means the world lacks it. You are the only one who can bring into being what you are equipped for and you have limited time to get it done.

This speaks to me because I am in the process of reinventing what I do and I am tempted to freak out because I don’t know that anyone else has made such transition before. I am realizing that no one else needs to have done it before. I am realizing that the fact that no one else has done exactly that before means the world lacks it. I am the only one who can bring into existence what I was equipped for by the Creator and what my experiences have prepared me for. Like you, I have limited time to do it.

Is there something you want to birth?

I remembered Mark Twain’s words while jogging this morning:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

– Tolúlopé

12 thoughts on “Birth it, don’t abort it.

  1. Wow Tolu. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, once again, I'm truly blessed by this piece. It just reminded me of the unlimited potential for creativity when I'm walking with the Creator. Impossible is nothing because God doesn't do the status quo. If I am created in His image then He can create through me. Profound. Thanks

  2. Thank you. I am reminded too and I love your statement on "the unlimited potential for creativity when I'm walking with the Creator." "Impossible is nothing" because God is infinitely creative. The Creator does not get intimidated by the status quo and as children of His, we should be likewise because He creates through us and we have the opportunity to observe and learn our Father's ways.God bless you bro.

  3. "I am the only one who can bring into existence what I was equipped for by the Creator and what my experiences have prepared me for."You know, Tolu. This post is a spring board to greatness. Greatness lies at the door and we ought to grab it fast.Every great achiever dared to excavate and believe the treasure within them. God is too outstandingly creative and wise to hide identical treasures within us. Sometimes, we take the initiative and excavate. Sometimes a volcanic eruption disturbs our existence and explodes our unique giftings out.In addition to my understanding of who I am in the Lord and my place in His creative orbit, this post has given me the additional push to fly.There's so much more to say…

  4. I believe too that it is a springboard to greatness. If we were created by God, then we must be first among equals. We must be gifted in a way no other human being from the beginning of time was ever gifted and no human being will ever be gifted until the end of time. We are not products of ourselves but of an infinitely creative Creator. We are born in due season and our generation needs the unique treasures God hid in each of us. It becomes our individual responsibilities to excavate those treasures or yield to the volcanic eruptions that bring those treasures to the surface. It is our individual responsibilities to birth what we contain rather than abort it. We are stewards of our treasures and we are accountable to the Creator, Owner, Lord, like the parable of the talents, for what we do with them.MOH, I am glad this gives you an additional push to fly. It gives me too.Thank you for adding to me and to the readers of this blog.

  5. I read this a week ago in Indianapolis during my vacation but couldn't add my thoughts because the computer didn't support opening the comment box. Coincidentally ( or not, as I don't believe in coincidences), I read this when I was thinking of a project that I'd been planning on working on for a while, but was hesistant about it simply because it seemed intimidating. But I read this post and it was a confirmation that if I could think it, then it was possible to birth it; that the only person limiting the birth of what I wanted to do was me. So here I am working on what I'd like to call "the new deal" and praying that my vision is birthed sucessfully ..praying that there will be no miscarriages or abortion of the dream. Thank you Tolu for being a blessing as always.

  6. Welcome back Bunmi. I also do not believe there could be coincidences in such an ordered universe created by our Father. Believe it or not, this post is borne out of needing to birth something new that I had never done before.I am glad you are working on the new deal. Life is much more exciting when we allow ourselves to sail away from the safe harbor and explore, dream, discover.There is someone who wants the deposits in us to come out even more than we do. He is God the Creator and our Father. No one and nothing can stop it but us. Not the devil and not the environment.Thanks Bunmi.

  7. I am Tolulope Odeyemi and a female, I am created by God for a purpose,if I had come as a male, I will never be able to fulfil that purpose of God for my life. Thank you for this, it is helping me in the self- discovery i am on.

  8. I am Tolulope Ilesanmi, a man, created by God for a specific purpose. Like you, I am the only one who can do what I was created to do. Like MOH said, "God is too outstandingly creative and wise to hide identical treasures within us." Because I exist, the divine deposits in me have a right to life.Thank you Tolu

  9. I am His-Tiara and I am created to be a crown of glory to God. I am created to be the magnet infused with His glory to attract men/women to Him. I am created to nestle and bask in sweet communion and divine relationship with Him; I am His-Tiara.

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