Blessed receiving

Many of us need no admonition to give. We ceaselessly give time, money, love and attention because we live to give and the dead sea is dead because it constantly receives and never flows out. But the dead sea is in a much better position than a river cut off from its source.

It is easy to get into the giving mode but it is sometimes difficult to receive. We sometimes forget that we are not sources but channels whose outflow depends on our inflow, since like a river, we are designed to flow out. Our receiving is what enables us to give and it is impossible to receive from the right source and keep it to yourself. Jesus told Martha, “one thing is needful” – receiving from the source – not ceaseless activity, which I sometimes get sucked into.

This may be counterintuitive if not offensive in some quarters but perhaps we need to focus more on receiving than on giving. Living food drives you to action but dead food makes you sedentary. Receiving from the right source prompts you to give everything you receive. As Christ said, be careful what you hear.

When food is genetically altered or even over cooked, its nutritional value becomes compromised. Physical beings should feed on pure physical food but spirit beings cannot live on physical food alone but also on pure, unaltered spirit. Nothing is purer spirit than God’s word which Christ referred to as “spirit and life.”

We rise or fall to the level of our nutrition. It is impossible to feed on junk and be a gift to the world. It is impossible to feed on the Creator’s words and be insignificant. At the very least, you will be extremely creative, even bringing life to dead spirits.

I am particularly pathetic when it comes to nutrition because like Olúwatòmíwá my baby, I have a low hunger threshold so I react in interesting ways very quickly when I have been without God’s word and God’s presence for even a short period of time. Feeding time is almost selfish time because I shut out everything and everyone. Without this, I am a dry river but when I eat well and regularly, being a blessing comes naturally as do the fruit of the spirit which is love.

Tears often stream down my face when I sing this song:

This is the air I breathe
Your holy presence living in me
This is my daily bread
Your very word spoken to me
And I I’m desperate for you
And I I’m lost without you

12 thoughts on “Blessed receiving

  1. Thank you, Tolu, for this oh so important reminder! May we continually stand under the living water, letting it fill us and wash over us and spill out onto those around us!
    I’ve been pondering much the same thing. Usually don’t like to link to my own posts, but here is one from this week with similar theme:
    I pray you will receive all that the Lord has for you – more of His Spirit!!
    In Christ,

  2. I totally agree with you Tolu. We have no power of our own, what we have comes from God. All our abilities come from Him. When we stop receiving and still try giving, we run on empty and risk shut down. or even worse, dishing out dead food. 

    Great thoughts. Always enjoy your deep thoughtful posts. 

    • “We have no power of our own, all our abilities come from God. When we stop receiving and still try giving, we run on empty and risk shut down, or even worse, dishing out dead food.” We all so need to know that. I always appreciate your thoughtful comments too.

  3. Thank you Tolu for this blessed message. I love that song, just reminded me that God is always going to be my source. When I stray away, go into the deep trenches of despair, looking for help outside of Him – He is waiting. Waiting on me to go back.

    You know,  God’s fingerprints will be all over your work when you let Him lead. That’s the creativity you are referring to. Preach on brother!

    • Thank you Maureen for always adding to me.

      God is always going to be my source too. As St Augustine said, He made us for Himself, to be satisfied only by Him and our souls must necessarily be restless until they find rest in Him.

      Truly, God’s fingerprints will be all over our work when we let Him lead and that means excellence, such as we have no clue about. And by God, I do not mean a religious figure, but the Creator and maintainer of the whole universe, who as the song says, “is too awesome to be contained by the heavens” but seeks to dwell in each of us.

  4. What is more like God? An arch angel in His throne room….or the bacterial
    floating around your toilet? Neither! God is holy..holy..holy. No one is like
    the Lord. It is in this…we find all His attributes. I can trust my sovereign
    Lord. Greater is He that is in me…than he that is in the world. Thankyou for
    this post.

    • Who or what can we compare to God? There is no imagery that can begin to suffice. Even our words fall short except that we must communicate the thought – the reality is in spirit and can only be experienced in spirit.

      He made us to need Him and if we are what we eat, we can say He made us to come up to His level by ceaseless communion with Him. When we stray, we only impoverish ourselves. As we begin to grasp the thought of needing God and receiving from Him, we will realize like Frank Laubach that, ‘there lies before us unexplored continents of spiritual living compared with which we are but infant in arms.”

      Thank you for your ever thoughtful comments.

  5. “It is impossible to feed on the Creator’s words and be insignificant”. – That’s officially my blackberry status now bro. It’s a simple but powerful truth. Rivers should be flowing out of our bellies and spilling into the world around us. I was reminded earlier today by a comment on Natalie’s blog where she pointed out the importance of feasting at His table so from our fullness we have something to share with others. Thanks as always for your unique perspectives and thought-provoking writing style. May the Spirit of God continue to fill you with His creativity.

    • Thank you Chidi. I am honored that you would make that your blackberry status and it is true indeed. We cannot feed on God’s words and be insignificant. It may get us in trouble especially with religious people as my latest post may, but Jesus got in trouble too.

      May God continue to enrich you too my brother.

  6. Tolu,I remember one day I asked you how come that much miracles happen to you ?and you answered me  “they can happen to you too as much as me , you just need to ask God ,you just need to put your hand in His hand ,you just need to believe He is the most powerful ,when you need a miracle just ask Him,and it’s very easy “.I couldn’t believe one day I can be  connected to God as much as now,God is all my love , for me all the miracles happen to me are so big and critical,and I remember you told me “they are big and unreachable for you,but for God is just nothing” ,now I know there is nothing impossible in the world,there is nothing more powerful than Him, He has the power to change all the story,and I’m wondering how we can ignore or forget or not connected with such a Great, Faithful,powerful, and non stop LOVE.

    Tolu,that period of time that I worked with you,was the biggest miracle of my life,and all the words you told me runs in my blood everyday,I didn’t forget anything…I live with your words.I also remember you told me ” you can ask God whatever you want by your own,because I always asked you to pray for me,But I still when I need you to pray for me,I ask you but not by voice,not by email or anything related to this world,I just ask you in my heart and I know I’m still connected with you…-Bahar

    • Bahar, thank you for taking Christ’s invitation to treat and I am glad you see for yourself. Thank you for being a living testimony and an inspiration to me and many others.

      The words I shared with you were not mine, I am simply a conduit. Words are powerful. 

      Thanks for remaining connected.

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