Welcome and Caveat

My name is Tolulope Ilesanmi.

Thank you for coming here, if you followed my writings in the past and if you are new to my writings.

I stopped writing on this blog in early 2013 but I never stopped writing. I tried to stop writing but I realized I was too small to contain what I carry. So I kept writing and growing and learning while also failing, falling and getting back up again and again without diminishing enthusiasm. Now I am back to writing here. The difference between now and then is that now, I am proud to say I know not.

Here, I express the deepest meditations, unknowns, explorations, provocations that I have chosen to make public. They are not designed to cater to any group and are not trying to be religiously or politically correct. They may offend as much as they inspire. They are not an exposé of my knowledge but exposition and exploration of what I do not know. They reflect the underpinnings of my very unusual work and my way of being in the world, a Cleaner – a word spoken from Spirit, loaded with spirit and that needs to unpack back into spirit in the hearer. It is a word whose depths are in the very nature of God, I believe.

The thoughts and ideas on this page and on this blog and anywhere else you will find my writings, are incomplete, because human knowledge is always partial. In additon, as the Yoruba saying goes,

àbò òrò là nso fún omolúàbí, tó bá dé’nú è á d’odidi.

It means a word is enough for the wise but I also understand it to mean, admonitions are spoken in very few words that must unpack in the hearer. It goes deeper still. Every thought, every idea, every statement, every book is necessarily incomplete and cannot be complete for many reasons including the fact that “mystery is spoiled by a word.”

As soon as a word is expressed, the original thought has been filtered and it becomes even more stripped when we hear it, due to filtration in a world designed to strip away meaning and essence and truth. Yet we must communicate. It behoves the communicator to speak from a heart connected to the Spirit, to God, a word (we all know so little about and) that needs to quietly unpack in us. Then we can speak few words because the words are spirit and life, not mere letters. But the circuit is only complete when the receiver hears with the heart. When that happens you hear more than words can express. You hear the original thought and more. You hear God.

I hope these words inspire or provoke you to listen and hear with your limitless heart. Only then does transformation happen. That is the intention, not mere debate or intellectual exchanges.

Please read, follow, share, subscribe or not. Please peruse the archives or not.

You will also find my writings on LinkedIn, on the websites and links below and others online. Please explore or not.

Zenith Cleaning
A Montreal-based enterprise.

Organization Unbound
An attempt to re-imagine the way we think about and engage in social change.

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Triple Pundit

I strive to communicate in the same spirit everywhere, at varying depths.


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  2. I agree also with what c.s.Lewis said about Jesus Christ I would like to correspond with you and ask you some more questions if you are able

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