Carry the kingdom

For a long time, I struggled with the statement, “the kingdom of God is within you.” How can a whole kingdom be inside me? The more I think about it, the more I realize how true it is. If the Almighty shows up right now before me, He will show up “empty handed.” Yet, he is carrying inside Him the invisible Kingdom of God in all its entirety and with all its potency, and anything He desires can be, even though He showed up “empty-handed.”

If you were present when God created the world, you would have seen a lone figure, speaking the Sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, the animals, the mountains, the precious stones and hydrocarbons into existence. Physically, you would have seen nothing in His hands nor massive equipment around Him just before He began creating, but He carried His Kingdom in Him. This can be hard to grasp, since we discount as unreal anything outside our dimension of existence.

If God came to solve your challenge right now, what He would use to turn around the situation is the same invisible kingdom you have in you, and nothing else. An immediate benefit of entering God’s class of being is that whatever is possible for God in the earth realm has become possible for you. If you do what He would do and you fail, do it again until you get it. Practice makes perfect.

I need to stop looking at the visible things around me and start using the invisible things because the invisible is the real deal. In fact, I need to become at least as skilled in handling invisible realities as I am in handling visible realities. The kingdom of God in you is the same kingdom that produced the physical world you see. What else do you need when you have the kingdom of God in you? How can you complain of lack, sickness, disaster or anything at all, when you have the kingdom of God in you? What is bigger than the kingdom you have in you?

The real insurance against disaster or calamity is the same thing Jesus had in the boat with His disciples – the kingdom of God. He was not setting his disciples up for failure when He sent them out saying they should not carry their wallets. When next you have to go anywhere, what you absolutely need to carry is not your wallet. It is okay to carry your wallet but make sure you carry the kingdom. Imagine how potent and rich you become when you become aware that you carry the whole kingdom of God within you and you know how to tap into at will!

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