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What does it mean to be a child? What images come to mind when we think “child”? How do children carry themselves? What constitutes their identity? What are their concerns and worries? What are the dimensions of their field of play?

The child of a goat is a goat. The child of an eagle is an eagle. Human beings have the opportunity to become children of God and the greatest gift I believe any parent can give their children is to point them to The Father.

What if you are a child of God and know it? What is your true identity, your potential, your provisions, your resources? How big is your playing field, your sphere of influence, your domain of operation?

If my Daddy’s nature is Love, that is my nature, my true identity. By its very nature, love is indiscriminate and boundless bordering on reckless.

If your Daddy owns the universe, your field of play is bigger than your physical environment, to say the least. Like Christ, you have legions of angels at your disposal and you will not think twice about speaking to a hurricane or a Tsunami or an earthquake or the economy. If you are a child of God and know it.

Everything Jesus did is best understood when we see Him as God’s beloved Son. His sonship implied everything God is, has and is capable of, was His. That is what “Son of” or “Child of” means. He severely annoyed the religious folk by declaring, “I and my Father are one.” His sonship of the Father constituted His identity. When they tried to stone Him for such “blasphemy”, He said, “Is it not written in your law, I have said you are gods?”

Being a child of God regardless of how blasphemous it seems, is being a god. God so loves us that while we were beyond repair, He made a way for us to be gods, sharing Christ’s likeness, inheritance and oneness with the Father.

Will we all be true lovers like God? Will we all live as gods? Sadly, no. God loves us so much that He submits to our wills – God is gentle. If we are God’s children and do not act it or our lives do not display it, it is because God loves and honors us so much He will not enforce His desire on us. If you are not God’s child yet, He loves and honors you too much to force you to be one having made provisions for you to be. Responsibility comes with the privilege of being a god.

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  1. Wonderful thoughts Tolu. Being African, I understand the weight of a last name. So often it makes all the difference in the traditional areas/sense. Am reading John and you’ve highlighted one of the most striking things in the book – Christ’s talks about His oneness and unity with His father. Great thoughts my brother.

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