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I observe that life exists in dimensions and even in the same dimension, there are classes. Plant life exists in a totally different dimension than animal life, which exists in a completely different dimension than human life. For example, a bat and a lion are both mammals but they exist in two different classes, with characteristics, behaviors and results peculiar to their classes. I am neither a philosopher nor a scientist so my terminologies may be “incorrect” but this helps my understanding.

We all live on the same planet, we may even attend the same schools, work in the same organizations, live in the same neighbourhoods, attend the same churches or belong in the same family but we do not all belong in the same class of being. We are not all of the same species.

There is a supernatural class of being, where man was originally designed to exist. This is a class of being operating according to set laws that are as fixed as physical laws. This is God’s class, where nothing is impossible. In this class, we can habitually behave like God and obtain Godly results, not just once in a while but by default. Results in this class are considered miraculous if not mysterious to human beings who are limited to what can be perceived with their senses but to those developed in that class, those results are understood and can be created at will. A pilot is not surprised when an air plane lifts off any more than I am surprised when my car moves.

From Jesus’ perspective raising the dead, stilling the storm, feeding the multitudes or healing the sick were neither miracles nor indeterminable occurrences. They are behaviors and results native to His class. In His class, it is as natural to speak to a storm as it is natural for someone in the merely human class to be afraid in a storm. He did not get to the grave of Lazarus wondering “how on earth am I going to do this” neither did He scream “Oh my God” when Lazarus came forth. He knew what to do as much I know how to drive a car. He lived in God’s class and He invites us to live there too, rather than function there once in a while. In that class, once you have the know-how, you are not surprised that all things are possible for you.

Human beings living in the realm of the senses can enter into that class of being at any time. Jesus calls it being born again but we have stripped it of meaning, treating it like mere conversion, as though switching from one religion to another when it has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with new life in God’s class.

Each believer in Christ is born into God’s class, with latent capacity to think, talk, act like Christ and obtain even greater results than Christ but we forever sing “Born born born again, thank God I’m born again” while doing little or nothing to develop ourselves into a fully developed clone of God. The average human being can fly an airplane but not every human being commits themselves to learning how to fly. Any believer can be like Christ but most believers do not take Jesus seriously when He says, “come and learn of me,” so we remain babies for life and the rest of the world thinks it is religion and wants nothing to do with it.

A peculiar characteristic of those who have entered God’s class is that we all experience storms common to man but we have an overwhelming, if not seemingly unfair advantage of responding as clones of God. How we respond determines the results we get since in either class, results are 100% predictable. Sadly, and this will change, we have been responding to the issues of life as people in the human class because we have remained babies in God’s class.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. It's also very challenging every time I'm reminded of the fact there is soooo much more available to the born-again Christian. I will never forget the day an elder in my church described a testimony in which he was stuck somewhere in the US due to bad weather and was monitoring the situation on the tv. A hurricane was threatening to affect the particular area where he was staying and prompted by the Spirit, he got up and took authority over the storm system, telling it where to go! It ended up passing an area where damage was minimal and lives were saved. What startled me wasn't the testimony itself but the normalcy with which he shared it. Evidently, he's very familiar with the supernatural. We really need to get out of baby phase and mode deeper in God. Thanks bro.

  2. This is close to the central theme of the movie, The Matrix. Humans trapped in a lower dimension and thinking they are really living. The concept of spirituality was a mystery to me for a long time in my Christian walk. Now I understand it so well. It's only in that dimension that we can find our true nature. Jesus wasn't playing around when He said, "ye are gods". He was literally saying that man is living in a lower dimension that he was created for.It is only through the Rebirth( the born-again experience)that we can ascend to that dimension where God dwells and be one with our creator.

  3. @Watchman, I believe God wants us to be as familiar with the supernatural as we are with the natural, so that it should not be such a big news when we function in the supernatural, it should be normal. It should be news when we fall into sin or one of us falls sick or if one of us is indebted. Can we imagine Jesus or an angel falling sick? Can we imagine Jesus being indebted? @Anonymous, it is indeed a wake up call. It is, for me.@Upwardliving, first I have to apologize for somehow mistakenly deleting your comment, I had to reproduce it. I love it when someone has the audacity to refer to that statement by Jesus. It rattled religious folk in His days and it still rattles church folk today. Thank you. Yes, indeed, like the movie matrix, "humans are trapped in a lower dimension thinking they are really living." We are just merely at the fringes of life in God's class. As I study and meditate on this, it threatens to blow my mind so much that I can barely sleep for excitement. Can you imagine the implications of this? I am glad to know that I am not alone here guys because these truths are so startling that I have to keep checking myself to make sure I am not in error. Can you imagine the implications of this in our personal lives and corporately? Can you imagine when just one of us can influence the destiny of nations for the better, not in months or years but in a matter of hours like Elisha and Elijah did? Can you imagine just one of us doing the works Jesus did and more? My mind threatens to explode as I consider the potential implications on our world today if people actually start to live as gods. I want to be one of them and I am glad I am already in that class.I believe the days are coming when God's sons will manifest on this planet and we will see greater things than Jesus did when He was here.Thanks guys for stirring me up.

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