Cleaning the human narrative

The continued advancement of Artificial Intellgence (AI) is positive development for humanity. When computers start to do a lot of the tasks that we humans think are our core competencies, it forces us to rethink what it truly means to be human. This development invites us to clean the human narrative and return it to its truth and essence.

If being human is having a higher level of cognitive intelligence than animals, what then is our use when computers take over? When machines replaced physical muscles and started to do physical work much faster and better than humans, we had to function on a higher level than brute force. We had to use our intelligence. Now that machines can be programmed to work intelligently and sift and analyze complex data in real time we are again at crossroads. 

Driving a car and flying an airplane are truly complex activities, requiring multi-level analysis of vast arrays of non-static data and split-second decision making, yet computers are already able to perform those functions and will get better at doing them. Robots are starting to do tasks like cleaning and they will get better at doing them.

The invitation right now is for humans to function above the level of mere intelligence. If we can create machines that can function at the speed of thought, it means we can function above the level of thought and this is not just consciousness, self-awareness or being able to observe and choose our thoughts although those begin to take us above the level of artificial intelligence. It means being able to function at god-like level, above the level of programming, the level where Jesus functioned, the level of omnipotent and infinitely creative love.

AI is inevitable but a true human is neither threatened by it nor afraid of it taking over their “job” or the world, partly because he or she has access to an intelligence far above that which produces artificial intelligence. This is the level of spirit. AI invites all humans into the spirit, a level more superior to intelligence as we know it, than intelligence is superior to brute force. This is the level of creation, where material resources are not needed to create material things, where invisible and intangible spirit matter is the raw material for creating any matter. It is way above the fascinating world of quantum mechanics. This is the level of “light, be”. This is the level of using mere words to stop hurricanes or recreating dead tissue in split seconds without physical touch, driven by compassion and not data.

Thankfully, Jesus never claimed to be the only one who could ever do such. He invited every human into that domain millennia ago and right now, AI and Singularity  are inviting us to re-examine these words of Jesus, “the works I do, you will do also and greater works than these shall ye do because I go to my father.” He came to show us what it truly means to be human, not to start a religion.

Love is what it means to be human. Godlikeness, Christlikeness is what it truly means to be human. Machines cannot play in that field and that is the field humans were created to play in, which we departed from and AI is nudging us back into. And that, is the real game changer.

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