In my last trimester in the McGill MBA program, I wrote in my last article in the MBA magazine that “I am scared of what can be. I stand in awe of possibilities. I am not scared because there is no hope, but because hope is boundless. I am scared because of the limitless possibilities and opportunities that await me, that await each one of us, many of which are unplanned for. I am humbled because of the limitless opportunities the future presents, to be more than we have ever dreamed, unlimited opportunities to make a difference and be significant.”

I feel like I am at a place of convergence right now. My timing, my privileges, my experiences, my interests, my connections, my background, my culture, my spirituality, my faith are all converging to enable me truly fulfill the reason I was born and the thing I am dying for, in the words of Fela Durotoye. I am finding out though that the fear I felt 5 years ago is still present but mixed with a joyful sense of responsibility and an awareness of my own specific opportunity to make a difference.

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