Create the unseen

What you are trying to create does not need to look at all like what exists right now in your life or elsewhere. It can be as different as night from day. That is why it is called creation, bringing something new into being.

Consider the Creator. In the beginning, the earth was formless and void. What physically existed was as different from what He had in mind as night is from day. He was not intimidated by the bleakness of the situation around Him. The hopelessness of the status quo did not matter. It should not matter to us as God’s offsprings, who walk with Him and can learn His ways.

The status quo could be a terminal disease, a crisis, even an unwanted intergenerational situation. It could be a work-related or business challenge. It could be any unwanted situation we are experiencing. Changing the status quo involves bringing a new thing into existence and where creation and creativity is concerned, all that matters is what is being brought into existence. The raw material for the creation is not anything that can be seen.

Jesus Christ said whoever believes and doubts not in her heart will have whatsoever she says, regardless of what is before her. He proved that at creation and we can prove it in our lives today whenever we want to change the status quo. The raw material for the new reality is in the unseen, not in the seen. It therefore does not matter what is seen.

The eventual reality can be as different from the status quo as light is from darkness, just as in the beginning when the Creator fashioned a formless and void earth into a planet we still wonder at today, to the minutest detail, for its order, beauty and complexity.

I am realizing that creating something new does not mean bringing something that does not exist into existence. It means bringing something existing in the unseen realm into physical existence, where it can be seen, felt and touched.

God fashioned the earth into a beautiful place. The eventual reality existed before it came into physical being, even while the earth was formless, void and full of darkness. The creative process involves a time of holding two separate realities – the seen and the unseen.

We cannot create anything if the image we hold internally is what we see externally or if we allow the external to influence the internal. What we will end up having is the status quo or a variation of it, at best. I believe Jesus was referring to that meddling of the external with the internal when He said, “doubts not in his heart”, before a mountain, which has the power to introduce doubts.

Peter was creating a new experience – walking on water, a physical impossibility that became an actual physical experience – until he allowed the things he saw physically to affect what he was birthing. An abortion almost took place until the master intervened.

I am trying to create something and I need to heed these words because what physically exists is very different from what I want to create. What do you see around you and what are you trying to create?

– Tolúlopé

10 thoughts on “Create the unseen

  1. Tolu' once again a truly motivating post! I am trying to create in a tangible written/verbal format what I believe God has placed in my heart: to share my life experiences (however humble they are) so that others will gleen hope and inspiration, and know they are not alone. Initially I thought publishing books (of which I have several started) was the means to accomplish this, but my self-doubt got in the way. (i.e., Not being of the literary world, not having necessary writing/publishing skills, etc). These are external perceived limitations which I have given power to. But now I want to " create a new experience" where all things are possible. -Ella

  2. Thank you Ella. Go ahead and do what is in your heart. At times, what we want to create is what we were born to create, so the world needs it now. You are the only one who can do it and your lack of experience would only help you create a never before seen experience, "a new experience." I like how you put that phrase – "external perceived limitations which I have given power to". Sounds like the story of our lives. But when we remember that the ingredient for the new experience is not what can be seen, "external limitations", perceived or not, will not matter.You have a right to create whatever you want to create. Like God at the beginning, your creation is determined from within, not without. So, go ahead and be Ella, go ahead and bring forth the unseen. As you do, the rest of us will be inspired to do likewise.There is a quote I love and it says, "Tilt at the windmill, and if you fail, you fail! Don't be afraid. What matters is that you follow the quest."Also, one of my Professors at McGill, David Lank, told me something very provoking – "Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing badly."Thanks Ella.

  3. God made us in his image, and for that reason, we also have the powers to create, to bring forth into existence …just like he does. Reading this, I remembered Marianne Williamson's poem…the poem I am currently meditating on as I work on birthing the vision inside me… She says…Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measureIt is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,talented and fabulous?Actually, who are you not to be?You are a child of God.Your playing small does not serve the world.There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.We were born to make manifest the glory ofGod that is within us.

  4. Thank you for this poem Bunmi. As God's children, we have a native ability to create like God does. One thing I love about creating is that like God at the beginning, the status quo does not determine the eventual outcome. It can be healing we want in the face of a terminal disease; it can be financial prosperity in the face of bankruptcy; it can be an entirely new idea that blesses the world. It does not matter what.We have that ability and we should stop being afraid of it. Like Marianne Williamson's poem says, we should go ahead and make manifest God's glory in us.Thank you again.

  5. Thanks for this Tolu. This post is very apt for me right now. It was written for such a time as this! I'm getting fed up with the lack of inspiration all around me. Almost every sphere of life is just full of repackaged and repolished ideas. I am on the verge of starting a business for the very first time and the last thing I want is to submit to 'business as usual'. This post has stirred me to keep pressing in to the true source of creativity itself, our Creator. Thanks for being an inspiration. We need more people who will be like Christ in pushing boundaries and birthing the new out of seemingly nothing.

  6. Thank you watchman. You and I are blessed because we are offsprings of the Creator so creativity is part of our essence, whether we like it or not. Hey, we did not make ourselves. We are creative, even if we do not want to be. All we need to do is imitate our Father and let his nature in us emerge.Yes, "we need more people who will be like Christ in pushing boundaries and birthing the new out of seemingly nothing." It is seemingly nothing but it is not, it is the same stuff with which He created at the beginning and continues to create.You and I may be on the verge of starting new businesses (I actually am starting something new too) but like our Father, what we simply need to do is bring what already exists in the unseen realm, into tangible existence. So, really, the business exists as an unseen reality before it becomes seen. Thank you brother for inspiring me here and on your blog.

  7. When I think of 'create' I think of 'crafting skillfully' and when I think of the unseen, I think of 'hidden/concealed things. So basically, God wired us to 'skillfully craft hidden things of secret places.' God hides things in the 'unseen' world and hopes we would find them and birth them into the seen world. That's often why we need to SEE first before we can bring forth. An idea, a miracle, and just about anything we see to desire is hidden and we need to skillfully represent them back to ourselves for our use in dominating our world. This is our original calling. I am seeing something and I already have the advantage of God's essence in me to skillfully craft and bring to birth what I have seen.

  8. I love this, "God hides things in the 'unseen' world and hopes we would find them and birth them into the seen world." Really, we are only recreating, re-presenting, what already exists. It makes the creative process easier.I already have the advantage of God's essence in me too and that makes it even easier to create the unseen.God bless you MOH for contributing this insight.

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