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Art is not necessarily drawing, painting, writing, poetry, music or those things we generally consider art, but uninhibitedly expressing yourself, like children do. True art is allowing God to express himself through us. Since we are all unique signatures of God, His expression through me will be markedly different from His expression through you.

Jesus’ statement, “all things are possible to him that believes,” is an invitation to throw caution to the Spirit and create art.

God is the consummate artist. He brought a universe into existence, uninhibited. Art is being the Creator but choosing to enter into the world as a baby, not in the courts of Rome but in a manger. Only an artist breaks rules and protocol like that, not to talk of making yourself vulnerable to the Herods of this world. Art is deciding to walk on the sea in the middle of the night towards your disciples who were in a boat. Don’t you realize people usually sink when they step in water? Art is making mud with saliva and applying it to a blind man’s eye. Yuck! Art is asking that pots be filled with water and served to the MC at a wedding when they needed wine. Are you dreaming?

The statement, “whoever wants to be first among you must be last of all and servant of all,” is art so also is the practice. Art is achieving Resurrection following the crucifixion but still having the presence, the patience, the decency and the humility to fold your burial clothes before exiting the tomb and you have just received all power in heaven and on earth!

Art suffers when you think you lack capability but thrives when there is a sense of omnipotence and abundance. If believers in Christ are joint heirs with Him who received all the power and wealth in the universe, what is stopping us from creating art? Are the scriptures false?

6 thoughts on “Creating art

  1. Art is allowing the ingenuity of the ultimate creator be expressed through you.
    The scriptures are definitely not false; we have just found a way to by pass the scriptures and “create art” through the world’s eye. I’m not sure God can compete with that.

    • And in trying to bypass the truth, we end up creating nothing worthwhile, which in itself confirms the truth. All things are possible to those who allow the ingenuity of the ultimate creator to be expressed through them. Thank you for the profound comment.

  2. I love this, “Art is deciding to walk on the sea in the middle of the night towards your disciples who were in a boat.”

    Are you dreaming? ~ Yes art is dreaming, you couldn’t possibly create art without seeming impossibilities.

    Provoking post as always; @2c68118eef1e5a31e6b333956ca48fd3:disqus has said it well. Thanks Tolu.

    • I love it too. I love everything Christ did while He was here. He is an artist without equal. His actions were totally off the wall. What normal person speaks to a tree or to storms or calls dead men? I love it to heaven.

      Art is dreaming. In dream world, there are no impossibilities. That is the world of art.

      Thanks Maureen.

    • Thank you Jaycee. I know that is loaded. I love it too, for I am not the source of it or anything profound I am privileged to express. I am only a channel, a vessel, a container for something I am too small to contain.

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