Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Today is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Resurrection is good news. The good news is that God Almighty himself became one of us, he came to identify with the victims of evil – corrupt politician, unethical business people, colonialist, oppressed, victim of racism, perpetrator of racism, all of us, ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

None of us is the real enemy even if we do evil. The drama on the cross shows me clearly that human beings, including the oppressors, are not the enemy. The oppressed and the oppressor are both victims, and are the targets of rescue from the power of Satan, the real enemy. I think that is why Jesus said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” He said this regarding his killers, in the process of facing the real enemy.

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was about liberating the oppressor and the oppressed from the real enemy. Thank God he has done that. Now, the oppressor and the oppressed can be free from the dominion of darkness if they want. This is what resurrection is about, I think.

Jesus Christ died for the oppressed and he died for the oppressor, the believer and the unbeliever. He rose again so that they can live new lives, through him. As one who believes in the death and resurrection of Jesus, I must live out the victory of Jesus Christ before the oppressed and the oppressor. He identified with both, I must identify with both. His resurrection is a victory over sin, over oppression, over poverty (of spirit, soul and body), over injustice, over disease, over death. The task of his followers is to live out that victory in their domains.

Nigeria, Africa and the whole world need to tangibly experience that victory, through those of us who follow Jesus, having experienced in some tangible way, and continuing to experience more of it tangibly, in our lives.

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