A group of Pharisees caught a woman in the very act of adultery, ready to stone her to death. They had the law on their side, they were very zealous, they had authority, they had the power to carry out their threat and they had a valid reason to stone the woman to death.

Jesus needed to disarm them and liberate the woman. What would he do? Argue with them? Command them not to stone her to death? Accuse them of being unfair? Fight with them? Invoke fire and brimstone upon their heads? Set up an NGO dealing with accusers of the brethren?

Instead, He spoke from deep within. With simple words and without any altercation, religious zealots and lawyers were disarmed and the woman was freed not only from her accusers but from sin. He is a better advocate than the accuser is a great lawyer.

He shows us a better way to disarm situations in any endeavor and at any level. Just find the right words. Words can move the spirit in a person, a people or a place. Leaders only need the right words, so do spouses and parents. Force or argument is not needed. No nation needs brute force to disarm another nor can anyone truly be disarmed or enrolled by force.

Words can be deeply transformative. Words are spirit. The right words are life, in the deepest sense. Words can loosen the loins of kings in a way nothing else can. Action is good but there are words that speak much louder and longer than actions, words that are infinitely more effective than anything else you may do or bring to the table.

Spirit-inspired words are seeds that sprout, grow and flourish in the hearers even if they do not produce instant results. They produce a surgical operation and do not create unwanted side effects but are solution multipliers. Such words do not befall the shallow but are encountered where “deep calleth unto the deep.”

8 thoughts on “Disarmament

  1. Tolu, you bless me with your posts. “Spirit-inspired words are seeds that sprout, grow and flourish in the hearers even if they do not produce instant results” Reminds me of the fig-tree story. Jesus words took 24 hours to take effect.

    “Disarming situations at any level in any endeavor”, prompts me to ask again and again. Am I speaking the right words? As you’ve said, we do not need more NGO’s, just right words. I desire to speak the right words, no brute force, no need to complain.

  2. There’s this silent yet unexplainable effect that the right words can have in any situation. We find that even the most difficult people (friends, spouses, bosses, family, etc.) can be fully disarmed with the right words spoken not in anger.

    And the best right words are those spoken through the inspiration of the Spirit. I do not recall Jesus ever using brute force, harsh words or violence in any situation and if I’m trying everyday to be like Him, then I believe I have a perfect example of what my words should be like through Him.

    God bless you Tolu. Have an awesome week.

      • Thanks for bringing this up. Actually, I would say He still kindly asked them to leave, because He was always Spirit-led and always acted in Love. The fruit of the Spirit includes kindness, and Love is kind. He was always kind and always gentle, always loving even when He threw the moneychangers out of the temple and when He declared series of woes on the Pharisees. Love sometimes demands strong words and actions. Jesus will kindly allow people to go to hell. Paul kindly declared blindness on a sorcerer and blindness promptly befell the man. Jesus kindly spoke death to a fig tree and death became its portion.

        We may have a view of love that is different from God’s. God is love. Whatever we see Him do, is Love even when He judges. Love disciplines and corrects. Love is not weak. Love is the sum total of God’s nature. Love overpowers the enemy whether you are turning the other cheek or you are declaring woe unto people trying to kill you.

        We also have to realize that what Jesus said to the Pharisees not only disarm them, it caused their own consciences to torment/convict them so He did not have to speak any other word to them to cause them to leave the woman alone.

        • In James 1:19…..Our Lord says, “Let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to to wrath. The world today is not reading the Bible……but they are reading you and me.

    • Thanks Feyi.

      The best words are those spoken through the inspiration of the Spirit. You can disarm any situation as long as you are Spirit-led. Spirit-inspired words are always wise and always effective. The key is to be Spirit-led in our words. The words may appear harsh to others but if they are Spirit-inspired, they are always loving, always right, always wise, always effective.

      See my comments to Ike’s response to you. I love the comparison with Jesus throwing the moneychangers out of the temple. What these seeming paradoxes cause us to do is dig deeper into the word to tap into the spirit behind the word to access the truth and not just stop at the letter of scriptures. The letter can confuse at times. As the scriptures say, “the letter kills but the spirit gives life.” Love cannot be boxed. God is Love. He was not less loving when He brought a flood on the earth wiping out people He created than when He died on the cross. He would still be loving when people go to hell as when He took our place on the cross.

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