As easy as breathing

Love is the default state of a human being, I shared on April 30, 2016 at a brief talk titled, “The Primacy and Transformational power of Love”.

For a while I have been concerned that when we enter the world, we are mostly loved into the world. When we exit, we are loved out. But curiously, in the gap between entry and exit, where it matters most, we relegate Love to the backseat and survival of the fittest takes over.

The evil we experience individually and collectively is a result of deviation from Love and therefore true healing is returning to Love. Returning to Love is not about being loved but about loving. Love is the point of existence. Everything we do and desire, is fundamentally about Love. All else is meaningful only if it aids Love. God, is Love. Love is where we come from and the real context in which we exist. Therefore, loving is as easy as breathing.

Our inability to connect with Love and to grow in Love is not due to God’s remoteness but our deviation from truth, from reality. Our inability to live, move and be in Spirit is due not to the remoteness of the Spirit but due to our contamination. After all, the kingdom of God is within us, not without us.

The moment we remove what stands in the way, we are instantly in touch again with God, instantly in the Spirit, instantly in Love. Love is the truth, the highest form of reality, not the remotest form of reality. Truth is that which is most present.

The beauty of cleaning is that we do not introduce beauty, we only reveal it. Underneath the dirt, there is beauty and truth and immediately dirt is removed, beauty, truth is unveiled. It was and is always there. The omnipresent One cannot be far from us. Once we remove the blockage, there is God, there is Love, boundless, unconditional, omnipotent, infinitely creative, endlessly forgiving Love.

Christ came to reconnect us back to Love, not to start a religion. Love is the way, the truth and the life. It beautifies our relationships and every area of our lives. In its absence, fear rules and wreaks havoc.

Remove the fear and there is Love the same way we reveal and reconnect with the beauty of a space by removing the dirtiness that stands in the way. The fear is not the truth anymore than dirtiness is the truth, the beauty is. Before the dirt, there is beauty and truth.

In Love we live, move and have our being. Shouldn’t loving therefore be as easy as breathing? Our inability to take in air is not due to the absence of air but to the blockage of the channel. Unblock the channel, and air will rush in. God is like that. Being and acting in Love, in Spirit, is like that.

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  1. Thanks Tolulope, I loved your musing today. “Christ came to reconnect us back to Love, not to start a religion.” Thank God. Thanks, God.

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