Our bodies and minds are elastic. They can stretch beyond their present limits, negatively or positively. They can expand and they can contract, easily. In lifting weights during my morning workout, I discovered that I can handle weights that seem impossible, if I train my muscles. Before training, it may seem impossible to lift a particular weight but if I persist in the effort despite resistance from my body, my muscles become better able to handle the weight and after a while, it becomes really easy. I can easily go past my previous physical limits, with training.

I think this applies not only to physical exercise but also to mental or moral issues. My mind can be trained to go beyond it’s present limits, because it is highly elastic. What seems presently impossible for my mind is only so because I have not stretched it beyond its present limits. Once stretched, the mind seems more able. The most law abiding person can become the most depraved if they permit their minds to dwell sufficiently on thoughts of depravity. What seemed off limits becomes acceptable to their minds because they stretched their minds and allowed it to go beyond previous limits.

Whatever our minds can accept is possible and in some cases done, if we dwell on it long enough. The physical act is only a second act. The real act takes place internally. I think of Abraham sacrificing his son. Even though the boy had not been slain, God considered the act done because it was already done internally. The mind had accepted it and stretched to accomodate it. I also think of Jesus saying adultery is not only done when the physical act is committed but when the thought is allowed to settle in one’s heart. This is consistent with the fact that we are more than our bodies and physical acts are secondary. Once our minds stretch to accomodate an idea or a deed, it is done.

Elasticity implies that we contain in ourselves the potential for depravity, which does not subsist when an act is committed externally but internally. Elasticity also implies that we can grow, we can rise, we can soar beyond the clouds. It is encouraging to know that I can rise, I can grow beyond my present state in spite of what seems to be limiting factors, if I stretch my mind enough. Once the mind is stretched to accept a thought or idea, the deed is done. Given enough time, the physical act or manifestation will follow as night follows day.

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