Yesterday, I saw a picture of diable, French word for devil, in one of my daughter’s French picture dictionaries. He had horns and looked devilish and scary. I said to my wife, “It would have been much easier if that is how the devil looks.” It would be easy for us all and there would be nothing called temptation. We would all know instantly that the enemy was after us and as intelligent beings, we would avoid it like a plague.

The reality is that, yes, as God’s children, we are sent as sheep in the midst of wolves, but the wolves do not look like wolves, they look like sheep. Temptations do not look evil, they are alluring, inviting, harmless, pleasant.

In the garden of Eden, Eve saw that the fruit was desirable, she did not see the vicious cycle the human race was about to enter. It is called an entrapment and it is the same strategy used by the enemy today. No one in their right senses would move near sin if they knew that it was a trap, a bait.

The amazing thing about entrapments is that they do not have to be obvious like adultery. You can be completely chaste sexually and still fall into a trap. A good thing can be a trap. The enemy set a trap for Jesus using God’s own word! It is a serious matter when even the written word can be used as a bait. It may seem like paranoia but Jesus recognized that a trap was being set for him through his very close buddy Peter, when on the face of it, Peter was just honestly concerned about his Master. Jesus addressed the issue immediately, when he said to Peter, “Get thee behind me Satan…”

The reality in which we live, work, play and even worship, is such that evil looks good, and at times even godly. Ravenous wolves appear in sheep clothing, princes of darkness appear as angels of light, ways of destruction appear as the right way. All around us are entrapments. The implication is that to survive and to thrive in this reality, we need to be like Jesus, about whom the scriptures say, “…he shall not judge after the sight of his eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of his ears…”

To avoid the entrapments around me, I need to depend on the all knowing Spirit of God. The only way to successfully navigate this field of mines, is to be in constant communication with the one who knows the terrain, who knows that this seemingly harmless situation is a trap, and this business deal on which I have conducted my due diligence and all looks good, is really a bait. Maybe others can, but I am realizing that I cannot afford to be out of tune with the Spirit because my eyes and my mind often tell me something is good when in reality, it is an entrapment. Even the written word requires the Spirit’s interpretation, for “the letter killeth but the Spirit gives life.”

As a sheep among sheep-looking wolves, I need to learn how to hear the voice of the Shepherd, who incidentally is called the Word and is therefore always speaking. If I make it a habit to hearken to the Shepherd’s voice, in the midst of entrapments that are designed to derail, only goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life.

12 thoughts on “Entrapment

  1. Tolu'- I am glad you wrote this post. So true that "evil looks good, and at times even godly." That is the challenge to us all. To stay still long enough to see if that which we think is good or coming from God truly is. When we rush ahead or jump in….. We often do so without giving proper time for the truth to be revealed. You have inspired me to write something and I will send readers here for reference. Thank you brother! -Ella

  2. Amen! Well said…and very true…these days evil/wrong do look good in order to draw us in unsuspectingly, and yes, only God's word and a solid relationship with Him can help us decipher the truth…thanks for sharing this great post Tolu.

  3. Thank you for your comment Doyin. Only God's word and a solid relationship with Him can help us decipher the truth. Not just His word, because His word can be misinterpreted and wrongly divided. A solid relationship helps us to hear what the Spirit is really saying in the Word and what the truth of every situation is.

  4. Very correct, if the devil was all scary then we won't have to work so hard to avoid him.My temptations are things I've already have built an affinity for and though I see the danger I have been able to "justify" it and convince myself that it isn't so bad. But thank God for His mercy that saves me from my entrapment.Thanks for sharing.

  5. Toluwalopemi, thank you for your comment. You are so right. It is a temptation because I have an affinity for it, it is a sin that so easily besets me, it lurks in my members. Thank God indeed for His mercy and wisdom. Entrapments aim at my weak points and vulnerabilities. When I submit fully to God. my seemingly weak points become my strongest.

  6. Hmmmmmmm, you are again correct, evil looks good most times , and not to do the seemingly good thing looks like one is committing a sin, We are helped of the Lord. Thank you for this

  7. Tolulope mi, "not to do the seemingly good thing looks like one is committing a sin", is an angle I did not see but is another level of entrapment which increases our need for discernment. I guess that is why the devil is called the deceiver. By being in tune with the Spirit, we can know the truth in every situation. Thank you Tolulope for this insight.

  8. It is the same strategy the enemy used in the garden of Eden that he uses today. How come we don't recognize that? We should. God is sure to expose that to us in His word that it's the same strategy. He ( the devil) has had about 6,000 yrs of practice of using different dimensions of the same strategy to lure us into the vicious cycle of sin. But because we kept getting it wrong; and so Jesus had to come to show us the way, how to win in this game, re: His temptations. A careful and deeper study of His temptations will open our eyes to the most potent weapon against the enemy's entrapment. I intend to do a study on that.I for one am tired of falling into the same sins over and over again and the starting all over again to re-establish the sweet sweet fellowship with the Holy Spirit. I hate grieving Him yet, sadly, tearfully, I do it and even most times defiantly because I want to have a quick fix to my flesh.There's a joker against the devil's entrapment and if I spend the greater chunk of my life to find it, like the gem of great price, so be it. I will find it. He gives wisdom to those who seek. Wisdom is the principal thing, then knowledge and understanding.God help me!

  9. God help us all. It is the same strategy and the more reason we should know better. He continues to use it because it is effective. It is effective because he appeals to that which can be immediately seen, felt, sensed when the way out is to "not judge after the sight" of our eyes but to hearken to what God is saying to us in our spirits. This is how he tempted Eve – "she saw that the fruit was pleasing to the eye…" It is easier said than done. We need God's help. He has made a way already, hidden in plain view in scriptures. May our internal eyes be opened to see and walk in the way.Thanks again MOH for enriching this blog.

  10. 'It is easier said than done.' But it's a good thing to desire and strive for even if in doing so we fail over and over again. There's a reason why it was pointed out that Jesus was tempted in all points as us. That it is humanly impossible can give us a sense of doom as though we should resign to the fact that it can never be done or achieved.Surely, God must believe that it can be done and achieved or else He wouldn't have written it in His word. I have a sense that God believes in us more than we do.The greatest battle we would ever fight is not even that of the flesh or other seemingly destructive temptations. The greatest battle we would ever fight is that of seeing the 'Rhema' of God's word and 'Believing' it. (This is my opinion) I don't want to accept the inevitability of our moral failings as the norm. Desiring and striving brings God to our aid faster.

  11. Thank you for following up on this, MOH. It is humanly impossible and that is why it is easy because the spirit takes over. Our willingness connects us with the power and the wisdom God has made available already. No we cannot afford to go belly up and accept our moral failings as the norm. Christ did not die in vain.Thank you and God bless you for these. You enrich this blog.

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