Foolish, weak and base things

Many times treasure is hidden in trash. Things are not necessarily how they appear. We humans judge by what we see and so when things appear weak, we conclude they are weak. When things appear foolish, we discount them. When things are not apparent, we do not pay attention to them.

History shows however, that the weak hides great strength. Foolish things conceal wisdom. Things that do not appear on our radar are bigger than what appears and what may seem to me to be base, may be the opposite.

According to the Bible and historians, Joseph who became Prime Minister of ancient Egypt started his career as a slave. He honed his managerial and leadership skills as a prisoner. His circumstances did not look very promising, yet he was a Prime Minister and a savior of civilization, waiting to happen.

I think Joseph was always what he eventually became, even as a slave and a prisoner. He was significant even while appearing insignificant, just as everyone has the capacity to become who they are.

When God, the Creator and Lord of the Universe appeared in the world, he was born not in the greatest of palaces amidst opulence and splendor but in a manger. The Creator appeared as a baby in a manger, lived as a man and allowed himself to be murdered by his creatures.

Foolish, weak or base things are not always what they seem. They may hide greatness so we ignore them at our own loss. Seemingly insignificant things may be much more significant than we can imagine. A house maid may be more than she seems. She may be a great leader who is in the process of development but in a world of survival of the fittest, she does not matter until she occupies a position of prominence.

This reminds me of the statement in the Bible that says God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, the weak things to confound the strong, base things to confound the mighty and the things that are not to bring to nought the things that are.

My conclusion from observation, from history and from the Bible, is that nothing, no one is insignificant. I should not judge the potential of anything or anyone including myself, by their present state. Nothing is necessarily what it appears to be and people are much more than they seem.

If we are all God’s creatures then none of us is insignificant. All of us are potentially powerful beyond measure if we are truly God’s creatures and it matters little what we do or the color of our skin or how much we have or do not have.

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