From whence cometh my help?

I am following a course I am unfamiliar with. I am pursuing an objective that is potentially more impactful than anything I have ever pursued. I am stretching farther than I have ever stretched. I am reaching beyond anything I have ever reached for.

My encouragement in this venture is not from my history, not from my past, not from my experience. The assignment before me is so different from anything I have ever attempted that I almost have no template to rely on to guide me. At times I am tempted to despair.

My encouragement can only come from something that transcends my history, my past, my experiences. My encouragement can only come from the eternal. When my task becomes significantly different in scope and nature from anything I have ever done or even attempted, I must pursue the rock that is higher than I. I must seek wisdom and encouragement from the Way, the Truth and the Life, in whom dwells all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Every alternative is deficient.

I am convinced that help from the Way, the Truth and the Life is what I need for and in this venture. It is where I am designed to receive wisdom and encouragement, even if I feel capable, even if the terrain seems familiar. The good thing about unfamiliar terrain is that one is forced to look high up and deep down for help. I am forced to draw on divine wisdom and on my God-given potential more than my experience. That is a good thing.

I am therefore glad even though severely challenged, to be going into unfamiliar terrain since it is an opportunity for a deeper relationship with God and an opportunity to release hidden potential that the world would otherwise never have benefited from.

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