Goodness attack

I am fully convinced that there is a reality of being under an attack of goodness just as the reverse can occur where one is under an attack of calamity. We can set things in motion whereby goodness befalls us, just as calamity can befall a person. We can be overwhelmed or overtaken by goodness as much as we can be overwhelmed by “ungoodness”. Heaven on earth is as much a reality as hell on earth even though hell is more prevalent on earth than heaven.

When one is under an attack of goodness, you cannot help it easily. You have initiated an avalanche of goodness that overtakes you and swallows you up. It is like heaven – goodness beyond imagination, the reverse of hell, evil beyond imagination. The way to set an avalanche of goodness in motion is to intentionally, intelligently and delightedly (and I am very aware of the political/social incorrectness of this) honour the Creator and the people and things associated with him. If you do, you will “enter trouble” with goodness, much more than you can cope with, I am totally convinced.

I believe strongly that all manner of goodness can befall us as much as all manner of evil. We choose which one befalls us based on our relationship with the Creator and his words, known or unknown. I think there are some people who even unknowingly do what pleases the Creator (since he is Creator, he has a right to be pleased or displeased by whatever he chooses) and they end up creating that avalanche of goodness in their lives.

The good thing about this goodness, which the Bible also refers to as the blessing is that it is not visible, neither is it tied to anything that can be physically observed. It is a spiritual reality that results in definite, tangible physical manifestations and that makes it unstoppable by an external entity but the carrier of it, even if the physical manifestations can be tampered with. I am under a goodness attack and only I can stop it, at source. Halleluyah!

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