The Haiti situation shows us in graphic terms that evil is present in the world. Regardless of whether one believes in the existence of a force that is the source of evil in the world, we can agree that the aftermath of the earthquake takes Haiti beyond mere impoverished to hell on earth.

I personally believe that this confirms that there is an evil force present in the world and that that force is not God but opposite in effect to that of God. It shows no mercy and as Jesus said, it seeks to steal, kill and destroy, without regard for capacity to absorb the effect. Situations like this remind us that we live in a world where calamity can happen suddenly, without mercy even to a people who do not have the capacity to handle it.

If this only makes us realise that evil is present in the world, it would be half truth if it does not also remind us of our yearning for infinite good, infinite grace, unlimited prosperity, unending pleasure, boundless mercy, peace, everlasting life.

It is clear to me that good and evil exist in our world. Jesus Christ did say that he came to destroy the works of the devil, which means to create good where evil existed, to give beauty instead of ashes, joy for mourning, healing instead of pain. What happened in Haiti is the opposite of what we all instinctively if secretly, long for, as C.S. Lewis explained in “Made for heaven” and what Philip Yancey refers to as “rumours of another world”, in his book with the same title. The situation in Haiti is the opposite of blessing, the opposite of peace. This situation also reminds me of what Jesus said in the same verse in John10, “I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly”. We can describe the situation in Haiti as the opposite of abundant life.

The situation in Haiti is a world crisis, not just a Haiti crisis. It has happened and we cannot wish it away. Our response to this calamity should be like that of Jesus – reversing evil in Haiti and everywhere and being conduits of abundant life in practical ways.

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