We are at war and it will only get more intense in the days ahead before peace finally reigns on earth. Only those trained in difficulties will thrive in these times.

But the way most “Christians” feel sorry for those going through hardships, one would think the scriptures say, “avoid hardship”. No, scriptures say “endure hardship, difficulties, troubles, afflictions as a good soldier of Christ” and we are busy shooting ourselves in the foot, trying to avoid training.

Soldiers are trained and they thrive in difficulties like Paul who said he was in jeopardy, not in comfort, every hour, fought with beasts, received 39 stripes several times, shipwrecked multiple times, had a sleepover in the deep and suffered multitudes of perils from every possible angle.

His story reads like one who was cursed.

Amazingly, he thought those difficulties were to be bragged about not to be ashamed of. And unsurprisingly, He was counted worthy to be an Oracle, a showpiece of God’s omnipotency and a reference point for all of mankind for all time.

It was said concerning Shakespeare,

“He was not of a time but for all time.”

Paul deserves that accolade more than most humans. A very trained soldier, his words transcend time and are more relevant today than when he penned them.

Stop feeling sorry for those going through hardships. Congratulate, celebrate and cheer them on because, unless they waste their hardships like most do, they are the ones who will thrive in the perilous times we are in that will only get a lot more perilous. And if you have no hardships to endure and are at ease in Zion, it may be worthwhile to seek out some unease to overcome lest you become a casualty of the present and coming difficulties, due to lack of training. Just sayin’.

I found this quote by, of all people, Adolf Hitler in his autobiography, Mein Kampf :

“Obstacles are placed across our path in life, not to be boggled at but to be surmounted.”

Our muscles are built in the surmounting of, not in the avoiding or praying and fasting against obstacles. You may need to stop praying against your difficulties. Paul tried it and rather than remove the thorn in his flesh God told him His grace was sufficient and out of those difficulties came one of the most encouraging revelations ever written,

“when I am weak, then I am strong.”

The people who deserve pity are not those going through hardships but those who have successfully shielded themselves from them. Don’t avoid hardships and stop the self-pity if you are going through hardships. Endure them, just like Christ who endured the cross when he could have terminated the process with one word.

Difficulties, troubles, failures qualify you for leadership, for true service in this army here on this battleground at the most exciting time to be alive, as things get ready to be wrapped up. It is going to be a lot of fun, a time never to be repeated in the history of our race when light and darkness, love and fear finally clash, with predetermined outcome especially when darkness seems to be winning. Not for the untrained.

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