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Beauty in any form is a spiritual quality I am convinced, not physical, even if it can be physically detected. Those of us who believe in the Creator will easily appreciate that the beauty we see is a result of the Spirit interacting with total chaos and ugliness. Without active participation of the Spirit, there would be no beauty, no order, in existence.

Most times when we see or sense beauty in any form, we tend to think it is an inherent quality of the object before us, including ourselves. This error is understandable, since we mostly pay attention to what we see or feel. I am convinced however that no created thing has beauty in itself, by itself. It’s beauty is a result of infusion of beauty from the Source.

We can very easily mistake our good qualities, our attractiveness, our wealth, our talents, as ours in the first place because our physical senses, which we heavily rely on, cannot detect the very essence of existence and Source of beauty. Even when glory has departed we may see aftermaths of beauty and mistake it for the real thing. Adam was dead while he was still alive.

As an entrepreneur, when my company consistently records growth, it is very easy to think it is our innovativeness, people relations, customer service, branding, and the like, that bring about growth, not acknowledging that there is something else, something spiritual, a connectedness to the unseen, that drives what we do and produces our results. When I write a piece that inspires many and is considered a masterpiece, I am easily tempted to think “I did that”, and that is true, I did it. But the hidden truth, I am convinced, is that my ability to do it in the first place is not mine, but the Creator’s.

When I am praised, in my heart, I need to deflect the praise to the person really being praised, the One to whom all praise is due. Any excellence and beauty in me is not mine. God is the source of attraction in me, in you, in all of us. He is the only one who can say “I Am.” When you are attracted to me or I to you, we will be doing ourselves a disservice to think we are merely attracted to each other and not the Source of beauty in us.

All through history, individuals have shown brightly who thought they were the Sun. They ignored the fact that they were only stars, whose beauty, color and attractiveness rested in their ability to reflect the light of the Sun. So they burnt out, having disconnected from what gives them not only beauty, but being. I woke up this morning with the thought that I must guard against the temptation to think that “I Am”. I need to continually acknowledge that my beauty, my color, my wealth, my good qualities are not mine and continually honor the One from whom all good things proceed, who alone is “I Am”.

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  1. My bros , this is so timely , it is not 'us' that do all these wonderful things we see , it is only and forever God. i stand against 'self-made' people , to me there is nothing like that , all that we have , is given to us by God. what do we have that we were not given . Thank you for this before pride destroys us

  2. hello toluhow are you?the concept of he must increase and i must decrease as well as humble yourself in the sight of the lord and he shall lift you high…. is something we must embrace.the strength skills, ideas, knowledge, confidence…. all comes from him and it's important we give thanks for who/where we are by his grace.take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of the day

  3. Hmmmm. Tolulope mi. I guess that is why the scriptures say, "Thou shall remember the Lord thy God for it is He that gives you the power…" The Creator warns against thinking we are self made because it is easy to think so. After all, we do not see God and in a world where reality is limited to what can be physically sensed, every success naturally precludes God. It is a very subtle temptation. It is all the more difficult because we have a God who showers blessings even on those who deny his existence.It is not us that do all the wonderful things we see. We are only stars and a star's beauty is in it's correct positioning. The Sun is the real deal and wisdom demands that we acknowledge the fact.Herod paid dearly when He refused to deflect praise for a rousing speech he gave with his own mouth.

  4. I am doing well Ayo. Thanks.All that we have comes from Him. Hey, he made us anyway and not we ourselves. Why do we behave as though we own anything? Why do we behave as though we are something independent of God, forgetting that independence from God is utter darkness? He alone is "I Am" and I think there is a depth in that combination of words that will take eternity to unravel.

  5. "I am convinced however that no created thing has beauty in itself, by itself. It's beauty is a result of infusion of beauty from the Source."Just as the moon gets it's reflection from the sun, we are only reflections of His beauty. "Even when glory has departed we may see aftermaths of beauty and mistake it for the real thing."And that's when it becomes dangerous. But a truly spiritual man, one whose walk with the Lord is current would discern the difference. Unfortunately, the world is busy chasing after shadows, the pomp and show and that's why Samson could only self-destruct. His main focus and purpose derailed.Our true beauty is the inner workings of the Spirit of grace in our lives. That beauty, that strength, propelled Jesus to the garden of Gethsemane:"He has no form or comeliness; And when we see Him, There is no beauty that we should desire Him." Why? Because He had taken our sins on Him. He had to make us beautiful by ridding us of what makes ugly: SIN."God is the source of attraction in me, in you, in all of us."I am beautiful only because 'I AM' weaved His pattern, His essence into my substance.No wonder it hurts Him when wallow in sin and taint our pristine beauty.

  6. MOH, thank you for this. "We are only reflections of His beauty." If only we realize it. Even what we call gifts and talents have their source in God and can only be sustained by being connected to Source. Disconnected from God, every gift becomes a curse and this is evident throughout history and even all around us today.When we lose our focus on the "I Am", we naturally self-destruct. Beautiful – SIN makes ugly. Sin is not pretty. True beauty is defined by the Creator and our opinions cannot change the truth. We are comely only when the "I Am" considers us comely, only when we are in alignment with Him, only when we are pleasing to Him, only when we reflect Him, as He designed us to.I do not think God calls Himself "I Am" for the fun of it. In essence, no one else has any right to say "I Am", because there is no true essence independent of God. That is why I love this statement: "I am beautiful only because 'I AM' weaved His pattern, His essence into my substance."Thank you for this reflection.

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