“I believe in you”

Yesterday, my Dad, Femi Ilesanmi who lives in Ilorin, Nigeria said to me, “I believe in you. You cannot fail, come what may. I believe in the seed of greatness in you.”

It is one thing for people to say nice things about you. It is quite something else entirely for your father to say to you “I believe in you…” The energy and confidence that generates is indescribable.

I realise how much I need my father’s affirmation and blessing in order to fulfill my ‘raison d’être.’ With a father like that and a mother (Modupe Ilesanmi) cheering, blessing and praying for you, you have to try hard to fail, because the lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places, yea I have a goodly heritage as stated in the Psalms. All I can say in return is “Dad, I will not fail” and I mean it from the deepest layer of my being.

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