I carry a kingdom in me

There is a tendency to look at myself as an ordinary human being but that is very far from the truth. I may look and feel ordinary but the reality is that I carry a kingdom in me. I do not carry just any kingdom but God’s kingdom, that rules over all. Inside me right now and right here is God’s kingdom, God’s rule, God’s sovereignty, God’s power, God’s wisdom, God’s love, all of God.

Of what should I be afraid? Whom or what should I fear? What am I not equal to and ready for when I carry a kingdom in me. Not a set of rules and dogmas, not some trial and error “tools” or principles to help me survive. I carry within me a whole kingdom. Not just any kingdom. God’s kingdom. If I do, you do too if you are a child of God, and we just need to let it sink. I carry a kingdom in me.

This blog post by Jaycee is an encouraging one in the same light. So also is my post, I am too small to contain what I carry.

10 thoughts on “I carry a kingdom in me

  1. I am not just an empty shell, not just a body, not even just a spirit. I carry a kingdom in me, God's kingdom, all of God. That really really needs to sink in.

  2. Tolu, your posts are so full of inspiration and i read each one. 1 Joh4:4 ` You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

  3. Thank you Buky. I am truly blessed to have you as a regular reader of my writings. I know you read them regularly Buky and it means a lot. Thank you.Thank you for that scripture. Truly, we carry all of God in us and we just need to let it sink deep into our hearts.

  4. Thank you Doyin for visiting and leaving a comment. All of God. So guess where I need to go when I have a challenge? Maybe we need to stop "bombarding" heaven and start tapping into the kingdom we carry in us.

  5. *letting it sink in*. Now, I have one more 'mantra' to recite in addition to my ' I live in Goshen so it's ALL good with me'.I carry a kingdom, God's kingdom in MEPure Bliss in words. Pure bliss in words. Thank you Tolu. And I shall be teaching my children these words too. Bless you. Bless yours.

  6. Thank you DesperateNaijaWoman – that is a rich name. I am letting it sink in too. It is such an explosive truth. We all need to let it move from our heads to our hearts that, "I carry a kingdom within me." Have a wonderful weekend with your wonderful family and thank you for stopping by.

  7. This message is so powerful… And the truth it speaks is so mind boggling, you would have been stoned for even speaking of it in Jesus' time. How dare you say Tolu ilesanmi…mortal man that you are that you carry GOD's kingdom in you? How dare I say that I, frail looking that I am with my proneness to making mistakes say I carry a kingdom in me tallness of the kingdom of the king of kings and the lord of lords? I must be crazy… And indeed we who believe are crazy in the sense that the wisdom of God will always remain foolish to man. yes, it is crazy yet so true because the things we do not see are eternal. So yes, I do carry God's kingdom in me.., not because this is a pep talk ex we use but because his word says so. Because he says my body is his temple… My goodness… His temple… That same carrier of his prescence that only the high priest could visit once a year with many sacrifices… What a mighty God we serve who in this time of our lives has used foolish things like us to shame the wise and most deserving.

  8. Forgive the mushings of my comments… I'm using my phone to read and comment and it's received an 'overefficiency' that I did not order for it;)

  9. @Bunmi, it threatened to explode inside me when I found it as I read Jesus' words, "The kingdom of God shall be in you." I carry a whole kingdom in me. I could not help but blog it as I could not keep it inside.If only we knew what we contain, we would act differently. But it is a truth, like other scriptural truths, that we need stillness to apprehend and let it sink. I know I need to meditate on it more – "I carry God's kingdom in me."Thank you for your ever so rich comments.

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