If you have life

Every time I exhale, I do so in faith, trusting I will have the privilege of inhaling again yet I keep inhaling and exhaling with total abandon. Faith is trusting in the same Source from which my breath originates. If the precious gift of life can be received and enjoyed without toiling, is there a possibility that necessities and luxuries can be received and enjoyed without toiling? If you are not struggling to breathe, is it possible that you do not need to struggle to pay your bills, get a job or meet payroll?

God has gone much farther by offering everyone the gift of eternal life. No one lacks eternal life because they were not offered it but because they either have not accepted it or are ignorant of it. We do not lack necessities or luxuries because they are unavailable but because we are ignorant of how to receive them.

Why would the One who gave everyone the precious gift of biological life and offers us all the much more priceless gift of eternal life deny anyone less important earthly necessities or luxuries? If He can afford you taking your biological life for granted or disregarding eternal life, surely he can afford you having lesser things and even taking them for granted. Ignorance is the issue. Faith is the key. Faith is not unknowing but knowing on a deeper level, receiving every gift from God as you received the breath you just inhaled.

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