In the Creator’s image

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” is the first statement in scriptures. Knowing God first as Creator of the visible and invisible universe sounds like elementary Bible knowledge but it is pivotal to our understanding of God, of the rest of the Bible and what it means to be in God’s image.

Using nothing that can be seen, God brought this material universe into existence and has been creating in like manner since the beginning of time. It takes a true Creator to bring the dead to life – our planet was lifeless before God spoke life to it and now, though death has reigned for millennia, it teems with all kinds of visible and invisible life. 

Abraham and Sarah’s reproductive systems were dead but the Creator breathed life to them as He did to our planet. When the Creator is in the mix, the absence of a womb is no deterrent to child bearing. The absence of factors of production is no deterrent to production. Everything visible was created out of invisible substance. To create, we need only the invisible Spirit and the spoken word.

Jesus came on the scene creating, starting with something as “unspiritual” as wine at a party. He recreated dead tissue, brought dead people back to life and created thousands of ready-to-eat bread and fish in an instant. We need to decouple Christ from religion and see Him as the Creator incarnate. He left here with the power and the promise to recreate our dead spirits when we believe.

Believers ought to be creating at home, at work and at play, not just “proclaiming our tigritude.” True spirituality, true discipleship of Christ involves creating and recreating tangible reality.

At some point, our word should become tangible just as God’s spoken word produced a livable planet. Otherwise our spirituality may be mere religion, ungodly and lifeless like the Pharisees’ or at least we have more work to do to truly be in the Creator’s image.

4 thoughts on “In the Creator’s image

  1. Love this post Tolu. When we tap into spiritual, when we believe God and take our eyes off our circumstances, nothing is impossible.

    Ever so often we are hung up on what we see, not what He says. Oh to believe when all odds are stucked against us! Nothing is impossible to them that believe!

    Great post

    • And when we get hung up on what we see, paying no attention to God’s word which is invisible, we relinquish our God-given ability to create and function in God’s image. The key as you said is living in the spirit, not breezing in and out based on how we feel.

      Thank you for the insight Ngina.

  2. “We need to decouple Christ from religion and see Him as the Creator incarnate.” So true; He is not a religion but a person seeking a relationship with those willing to see Him.
    Keep the Faith!

    • May we come to the realization that He is not a religion. We diminish Him when we make Him into a religious figure when He was against the religious folk in His days. We are transformed the moment we realize that this Creator of the Universe seeks an eternal relationship and fellowship with us.

      Thank you isaiah43123 for adding to this post.

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