Intelligence that stands outside

We learn to habitually live in God’s class the same way we learn to habitually do anything. A baby gets to walk by observing and copying. Yes, walking is in their DNA the way thinking, speaking and acting like God are in my spiritual DNA, but they get to walk by repeatedly observing and copying. As baby spirits, we learn by repeatedly observing and copying God. A baby does not quit trying to walk if she falls down repeatedly. She gets up again and attempts it regardless of how many times she has failed since walking is native to her class. Why then should I quit loving, living holy, speaking to disease in my body, addressing epidemics, speaking life to dead situations, because I failed repeatedly? Are they not native to my class? All I need to do is research the manual for what I missed and repeat the process until I get it, because I know that those things are in my DNA.

Spirits who have entered God’s class have a challenge of a corrupt mind and keeping the mind in that old state imprisons the spirit, keeping us babies. We therefore have the principal imperative of retraining our minds to unlearn life in our previous class of being and learn how to live in God’s class. Our task is to find out Jesus’ mindset and make it ours. A mindset is a stronghold in the mind. I develop a human mindset by spending hours watching TV, viewing my friends’ photos on Facebook and feeding on stuff human beings feed on, but not Christ’s mindset.

I think this is the education we need, not just studying for an MBA or a PhD, whose temporal value is decadent. How did Elisha make marketable oil with zero carbon footprint? How did Jesus produce better wine with minimal labor and natural resource? How did He non-invasively heal every sickness we have unsuccessfully sacrificed millions of lives and spent trillions of dollars on? What “technology” did He use to multiply a boy’s fish and bread to feed 20,000 people, bypassing our fallen system? Nothing was impossible for Him. Far from being a religious spooky statement, that means He had know-how for everything.

In the movie Matrix, Trinity needed to fly a Helicopter having never flown. She simply had the knowledge downloaded into her mind and proceeded to operate the craft as an experienced pilot. The more I study scriptures without a religious lens, the more I realize how backward our so-called civilization is. There is an “intelligence that stands outside” that we lost in Adam but which Jesus came to restore. He came not to start a religion but to bring us back into God’s kingdom. I am super thrilled to daily learn to live in this world, as one from that other kingdom. I know it will come in handy in the very exciting days ahead.

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