It is not “going to be well”

Facing a present business challenge, I was meditating on scriptures (My GPS) a great while before dawn, to find pathways out and the above thought hit me. It is not going to be well. It is already well! I jumped. Wellness has already been procured for me and that is what the gospel is all about. Gospel means good news or glad tidings. News and tidings indicate events in the past, not in the future.

I had a most invigorating time 2 days ago, with Pastors Biodun and ‘Modele Fatoyinbo of COZA, who were in Montreal briefly. They said many things that stirred me up, one of which was, “We have many battles but the number of our victories is equal to the number of our battles.” That confidence stems from knowing that it is not going to be well, it is well now, regardless of present realities because redemption has already occurred. It is news, good news. I experience present wellness when I realize it is well with me now, and everything contrary to present wellness is false reality that is sustained only by ignorance.

As I was meditating, I remembered suffering from malaria. It was so bad that in high school (USS Ilorin), I was nicknamed Wheezy, which came from “Trouble in Form Six”, a book we studied in Literature class with Mrs Awobuluyi, our English Literature teacher. There was a Tolulope in the book, who was referred to as “a wheezy breathless creature”. Wheezy stuck to me then because it was apt. I was wheezy, like the Tolu in the book.

But one Sunday in University, being close to death after using the really powerful malaria drugs at the time (chloroquine, nivaquine, etc) to no effect, I turned to the scriptures as my last hope. I meditated on the inspired words, “By whose stripes, ye were healed” until it dawned on me that I was already healed. It was an Eureka moment. I realized that the malaria I was experiencing was a false reality and the truth was that as surely as Jesus Christ received stripes on the cross, I was healed. I jumped inside, with the malaria symptoms still very present in my body and declared to myself that I was healed. I went to fellowship (Christ Love Fellowship, OAU, Ile-Ife) that Sunday and before I returned home, malaria was gone, forever. I was healed before then but did not realize it so I suffered needlessly. The moment I realized I was not “going to be healed”, the strength of malaria was broken and I ceased being wheezy, even though some of my classmates still call me Wheezy.

The same principle applies to any other form of challenge. When we realize that we are not waiting for deliverance and rescue but that we have already been rescued, we experience present wellness even if we are face to face with home foreclosure, bankruptcy or a terminal disease. It is an internal change with definite external manifestations. The realization keeps you mysteriously calm when you should not be, because you know the present battle is not going to be won, it has been won. It is not going to be well, it is well, now. That is the gospel and I am still jumping.

4 thoughts on “It is not “going to be well”

  1. Waoooo Tolu,this is awesome.Thanks for reminding me.Sometimes i tend to forget somethings,but testimonies and reassurances like this stir up the excitement in me and brings me back on track.Thanks for sharing this.Hw is ur wife and my babis? Love to all

  2. I too experienced the malaria back in Ife, twice and I turned to god's word for healing. I was in Moz, kept meditating on "By his stripes I am healed," till the malaria left in like a hour without using meds. I'm a nurse, so I do believe in the power of medicines…God made them. I also believe that His word made the medicines that is used to heal us too, so its not like I'm advocating for "Don't use medications." What I am advocating for is what you say: HIS WORD. Use his word. And that's what I'm going to keep reminding myself, no matter what I see, what I hear, what I feel…"USE HIS WORD".

  3. I did not know we had so much in common, Bunmi. I also believe God gave us the wisdom to create medication and to use them and I believe that when medication fails, which it sometimes does, there is something which never fails and that is God's Word.I believe that even when we use medication, we should do so in faith in the Healer.Thank you for your comments.

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