Love is all you need

While speaking with a yoga teacher and friend several weeks ago, I said, “Love is all you need.” She replied, “No, you need more than love”, in the context of relationships. I insisted, “Love is all you need.” I believe Love is all we need, when it comes to relationships. But what in the world does not involve relationships?

Work is about relationships. Everything we do in the world has to do with relationships, including relationships with ourselves. Even business is primarily about relationships, not money although we often love money more than people, creating all kinds of evil. If the love of money is the root of all evil, perhaps the love of people is the source of all good in our world?

No we do not need more than love. Love is not a feeling although it produces affection. Love is not an emotion although it creates emotions, including of course, anger, when necessary. Love may seem weak and insufficient but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Love is a spirit, the very nature of The Holy Spirit. Love motivates one to work only for the good, not the ill of another, at any cost. Love is the greatest motivator known to man and it transcends death. Love causes people to count not their lives worth preserving, in the pursuit of an objective.

Love is the highest form of intelligence. When we love ourselves and others, we are being the wisest we can be. When we forgive wrongs, we are not just being morally correct, we are acting from the highest form of intelligence and omnipotence. One reason Love forgives unreservedly is that Love is infinitely creative. Love transforms hurts into blessings, making bitterness and unforgiveness unnecessary.

Love moved Jesus Christ to lay down His life with no guarantees humanly speaking, of returns on investment. In the process of being crucified, He readily forgave His crucifiers. Love used the brokenness Jesus suffered, to heal our brokenness. That is the nature of Love. When we “unforgive” others and are bitter towards those who hurt us, we are being ignorant of the omnipotence of Love and the opportunity occasioned by offense.

I believe Love is what was meant when the Persian poet Rumi said, “Out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field, I will meet you there.” I believe Love is that field.

Love is The Source of all spirit and matter. Love is the source of the universe in which we dwell. Love is infinitely creative. Love is the source of all great and enduring acts.

Love does not need you to be beautiful, it beautifies. Love does not need you to be wealthy, it enriches. Love does not need you to be healthy, it heals. Love does not need you to be clean, it cleanses. When Love is applied to the ugly and the messy, it transforms them. When Love enters formlessness and chaos, order ensues.

All we need is Love. All that is missing in our world is Love. Love does not flee from brokenness, love heals brokenness. The one thing required to transform individuals, organizations, societies and nations, is Love. When a person motivated by Love enters a situation, true transformation ensues and decadence is reversed on an individual and a societal level.

Jesus is my primary example when it comes to Love. Scripture curiously precedes his miracles with, “He was moved with compassion.” Love raised Lazarus from death. Love brought together the creative energy that produced thousands of loaves and fishes without the need for the contraptions we call infrastructures and resources. Love produced pure wine at a wedding. Love healed multitudes without the need for hospitals.

True compassion among healthcare providers will go much farther than decades of medical knowledge and investment in healthcare facilities.

Love is all we need.

Lust and greed which are offspring of Fear, Love’s opposite, are what we must be rid of. Lust thrives on existing beauty and when lust is done, ugliness is left behind. Lust naturally consumes and cannot create. Greed, upon which our economic system is based, thrives on existing value. When greed ravages a place, it leaves behind waste and devastation where there was once value. Like lust, greed naturally consumes and cannot create.

Greed maximizes value while love creates and multiplies value. Greed is impotent when there is apparent nothingness, but that is when Love comes alive because Love creates. Love meets you broken, impoverished and tattered and leaves you whole, abundant and beautiful. When Love invades a place, it leaves behind beauty and wholeness. Love embraces brokenness and ugliness because it gets to bring out beauty. This is why I call Love the All-purpose Cleaner.

With Love, nothing is hopeless. With Love, all things are possible, at any level.

Love, is all you need.

The Last Adam

The fall of the first Adam guaranteed that everyone from Adam would be ungodly – unlike God. It was a strategic and very efficient move on the enemy’s part. Corrupting the one who carried every human being in his loins ensured the genetic and spiritual corruption of the whole race. In addition, God’s clone could no longer rule. Instead, the ruler became ruled by an evil god, the god of this world.

Even before it happened, God had a plan to correct what went wrong, to redeem his clones and place them on an even higher pedestal than before the fall. He chose a group of people through whom the prophesied “seed of the woman” would come. The seed of the woman was to be another Adam, the last Adam, who would begin a new race of God’s clones like the first Adam was supposed to do.

Since the whole race was corrupted, no man from Adam’s loins could possibly start a new, God-like race anymore than a chicken could father eagles. The virgin birth introduced a seed that was not part of the corrupted race, but not just a new seed out of the blue, which I doubt would have been impossible for God. He decided instead that His only begotten Son, who is God, would be that seed.

God decided that He, the Creator, was going to be the cure. He would bear the consequence of the fall. God’s justice would not permit redemption without punishment so He came to be punished for the fall of Adam. The consequence was death in all its various forms. He came, bore our sins, our physical and spiritual death and every effect of the fall, as the sacrificial lamb. He became us, making His suffering ours, thereby legally canceling the fall and all its effects for all that will accept Him.

Through death, the last Adam defeated the god of this world and his hosts, who held sway over the descendants of Adam and came back alive, man and God. After the conquest, He was given joint seating with the Almighty, far above the god of this world and his hosts, far above every name that is named now and forever. Since the last Adam was God, I find it easy to understand that He did not need the conquest nor the exaltation for Himself. He needed it as Adam, the last Adam, so that just as we automatically inherit the corruption of the first Adam, we inherit the nature, the victory, the life of the last Adam, through faith. This will take eternity to fully comprehend but I am convinced should be a living reality in the present.

The last Adam is Jesus Christ. This surely sounds like a religious matter and I think this is why all of us – Christians and non Christians take it lightly. The last Adam is no more the founder of a religion than the first Adam is. They are both heads of races. Redemption is no more a religious matter than the effect of the fall – death in all its various forms. I think all of creation “gets” the fall. For the earth, the plants and the animals, corruption is not a religious matter. Little wonder the scriptures say they await the manifestation of God’s children, God’s clones, so they can be delivered from death to life. We may think they are alive but they want life. I am still thinking, what is life?

Believers in the last Adam are transformed from death beyond mere life, to abundant life in the same degree to which the last Adam is superior to the first. We are yet to know or show what on earth life is, not to talk of abundant life.