I saw some of the pictures of the Jos massacre yesterday and it was hard not to grieve for the helpless little children and women that were massacred. I do not think Christians or Muslims are completely blameless in these on-going atrocities. I am worried however that we Nigerian Christians who claim to follow the Man who said we should love our enemies and pray for those who abuse us, who also said blessed are the peacemakers, are not doing everything we can to make peace and put an end to these atrocities not by more violence but the way Jesus Christ said we should deal with our enemies and those who kill us.

I think it is inhuman and ungodly to go on living as though nothing has happened, because I am not affected. Lives have been wasted, hatred still burns possibly between the Christians and the Muslims and the situation demands a response. How can we overcome evil with good? How can we be instruments of peace? I do not understand how or why we can expect our government to have stopped this from happening or to stop it from reoccurring. I am not sure placards and demonstrations will achieve much in Nigeria. But I believe that those of us who claim to be peace makers and disciples of the one who gave us the commandment to overcome hatred with love and to pray for peace, are the ones responsible for peace, not our government.

I am not absolving the government of responsibility, but in a conflict involving a party that considers itself responsible and one that is known for irresponsibility, who should be held responsible?

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