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The woman who sneaked in on Jesus to obtain her healing spoke no word of prayer. She only spoke to herself. She did not even ask the healer to heal her or for permission to be healed. Jesus found out after the fact.

The question, “who touched me” implied it did not matter who touched him. Restoration is available to whoever has the audacity to take it. It is not reserved for a privileged few. Even a “sinner” who touches in faith will be restored. Jesus did not ask, “which believer touched me” or “which church-goer touched me.” Many people in those categories will not receive what is already provided – the first do become last and the last do become first. There is no qualification required for healing but faith anymore than there is a qualification to take a breath. They are both gifts.

This woman realized that power was available to heal her and all she needed to do was to go take her healing. It is okay to take your healing or whatever on God’s planet you need and have a conversation with God after the fact. Whoever you are. God is not in the business of withholding.

Today, most “believers” spend time praying for things God already provided. How unbelieving! If something is already clearly stated as provided for in scriptures, isn’t petition indicative of unbelief? If I ask for something out of unbelief, isn’t it guaranteed to be unheard and unanswered?

When you truly believe you have been provided for, you do not need to ask, just go take it and acknowledge it in thanksgiving after the fact.

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  1. I think as children of God, sometimes we are unnecessarily timid. That’s the problem. We must remind ourselves often that the veil of the temple was torn into two to provide direct access to the throne of grace. Grace is not based upon anything we can do to impress our Father, it is simply based on His love for us. There’s truly no need to petition for what has already been laid on the dinner table. Thanks so much for this beautiful reminder, and thanks to my God, the giver of life and all good things.

    • I think it becomes quite concerning bordering on annoying if my daughter repeatedly asks me to pay her school fees, buy clothes for her, allow her to sleep at home and enjoy all the privileges of being my daughter. The fact that she is my daughter automatically affords her privileges for which she does not need to ask regardless of what she does. God cares for people who do not care the least bit about Him. How much more His children? We need to wake up.

  2. I have enjoyed your blog…..I do not understand your last several posts. If you are saying anyone who wants to be healed will be healed……I totally disagree and do not find that in Scripture.

    • I always appreciate your comments too sir, including this one.

      I also totally disagree that anyone who wants to be healed will be healed. Desire does not guarantee healing, faith does. Are we on the same page there?

      Wanting and believing are not necessarily the same thing. I may want something but not believe in God enough to receive it or not realize I am not fulfilling the requirements. I am not speaking merely from experience here (i had a terminal disease) but from my understanding of the truth, which I cannot tell you is not tainted. My writings here are what I believe, what I live by, what I have experienced and as I have said before, I am very open to learning.

      I found no record in scriptures of anyone coming to Jesus in faith and leaving without being healed. Not one. The healer healed them all, according to scriptures. The only times he did not heal was due to unbelief. I have not always gotten what I asked for but I have chosen to see it not as God withholding things from me but me not having faith enough to receive them. This is the reason for my last few blog posts.

      Every gift of God (grace) requires faith to lay hold of, not desire, not worthiness, not works. Healing, like eternal life is a gift. There have been times I thought I believed but I didn’t. I am just working on the premise here that if anything is wrong, it is not God’s word, but me.

      • A dear pastor once preached about ‘healing’ not always coming in the form of what we imagine it to be all the time. While preaching, it was mentioned that even physical death is sometimes a way of God healing a patient. Do you think so?

        • Thanks for that question Jaycee. There are some mysteries I do not understand especially when it comes to death – my younger brother passed 12 years ago and I still do not understand perhaps because God’s dealing with Gbenga is meant to be between both of them.

          Is death a way of God healing a patient? I honestly do not know.

          I only know that Jesus received stripes for me on the cross that I might be healed. That is what I live on. I also know that there was no case that Jesus did not heal. If He were physically here today, I know that he would not deny me any good thing, including healing. That is why I implied above that I attribute my lack of healing/answers to lack of faith. I cannot honestly comment about others but I am convinced about me. I was once on the hospital bed for a terminal disease and made a decision on that bed not to die but to live – it was my choice, it was a decision – do I want to live or die? I chose to live, because I saw that the power to live or die lies with me.

          I have personally concluded that I can get any good thing I desire if I can only believe. I know God meets us wherever our faith is when it comes to healing and provisions. If I believe, I will see… If I do not believe, I will not see… and I am still a child of God which is the ultimate and is also a matter of faith. Thank you again. I do not know if this helps at all.

          • Just want you to know, Tolu, that I love your response. May the Holy Spirit keep teaching us more. He is the ultimate teacher. I believe that “no good thing will He withhold from His children,” and I also believe “our faith can move mountains.” I strive to have even greater faith than I do now, and in my moments of lack of faith I say this prayer, “Lord, help my unbelief.” And God has always answered that prayer too. He truly answers all our prayers, no matter how silly.

    • I was not thinking of any particular scripture when I wrote my comment but this morning I saw Mk11:24 and it clarifies that desire is not enough, it has to be mixed with faith. But when it is mixed with faith, the answer is 100% guaranteed, according to Mk11:24.

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