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In a few days, I will be speaking on a Social Entrepreneurship/Innovation panel at a business conference organized by students in three Montreal-based business schools including my alma mater McGill. I realized that I am not trying to “prepare” for my talk. My life, my businesses, my schedule, my various engagements as they are right now, prepare me. Nothing in my life needs to be put on hold. Every aspect of my life, even at home, is a preparation without trying to be. All I will be talking about, even from a business standpoint, is what I do, what we do – check Zenith Cleaners’ blog – albeit refreshingly different from business as usual. I am therefore not apprehensive about my talk. I am ready for it this minute because, as far as social entrepreneurship goes, my talk is my walk and my walk is my talk.

There is immense value in living ready. My wife Ronké says, “You do not prepare for battle on the battlefield” – little wonder I am like this. The best way to prepare for the day of reckoning, which happens often in this life and in the hereafter is to not have to prepare – just live ready. We can structure our lives such that day to day living is a preparation, a step by step fulfillment of and preparation for destiny. When he eventually took the reins of power, Winston Churchill said, “I felt as if I were walking with destiny, and that all my past life had been but a preparation for this hour and for this trial.” Beautiful. Mike Murdoch also said, “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.”

It is much easier to handle responsibility or significance when my life has been a preparation. It is much easier to live a life that prevents set backs than to try to handle set backs when they occur. It is harder to trust God when the going gets worse if I have not lived a life of faith when the going is good. My primary way of living prepared for any “positive” or “negative” eventuality in my life including staff quitting, three of which just happened, is putting God first, above everything and above everyone. I figured that if I focus on pleasing God who “fills all in all”, I am prepared, I have everything covered and that simplifies my life beyond description.

There are people right now worried about 2012 for example or about death. I am certain no one knows the day nor the hour, which could be more worrisome. But, if you live ready like the five virgins Jesus spoke about, who had oil in their lamps, for all you care, the second coming of Christ may as well happen this instant. The beauty of living prepared is that you do not need to focus on a million to do’s. As Jesus Christ said, “One thing is needful.” Since these are the Creator’s words, it is Truth, whether I agree or not. If I am torn like Martha in many different directions, I am missing it somewhere.

Living ready is so much simpler than we may realize. In order to simplify my life and restructure my life into a preparation, I may have to say “No” to very legitimate demands like Jesus was asking Martha to. One thing I got from reading Bill Clinton’s memoir and which I have taken to heart is that “Your life is shaped by the opportunities you turn down as well as by those you seize.” If it allows me to live ready, ready for greater significance and responsibility and simultaneously ready to face my maker, I will let go even of “worthwhile” engagements without hesitation, not to talk of ignoble pursuits.

I do not have to prepare for my talk, all I have to do is to go and talk my walk. Life can be simple, light and anxiety-free. Believe me, it makes me ready to break into a joyful dance whether I have a talk to give or I have just realized that Jesus Christ will soon appear.

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  1. Why is it that anytime I come here, I feel like bursting with all the inspiring message I read here? Wow! You are soooooooo right. The time for preparing for battle is not on the battlefield itself. I caught a rev…a word to live by: The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine." And "If I am torn like Martha in many different directions, I am missing it somewhere."…. I know I'm sounding repetitive when I say "THANK YOU" every time I come here to read, but I can't help it because this message blesses me…I always find the message that I know will definitely stick with me for a lifetime (no kidding).

  2. I think It's because I am connected to the Infinite, the Source, who is higher than I. As long as I remain connected, i cannot help but be a channel of life changing words, thoughts that deeply inspire and provoke you, me and everyone else that visits. And it will even get better. As i have said severally, these are private meditations made public. They are primarily to provoke me and energize me daily in the pursuit of God, that day by day and step by step, here a little there a little and despite my present imperfections and weaknesses, I may become more a phantom/express image of Jesus Christ. Can you imagine the joy of knowing that these thoughts, these words, do the same thing for you as they do for me?

  3. Bunmi, I realized I did not say Thank You but I do hope you realize how deeply grateful I am that you would allow yourself to be touched and inspired. There is a word rarely used in Christendom but which I will take the liberty to use in response to you. It's "Namaste." I say it with a bow and I hope you receive it in the same spirit with which it is being communicated. Check wikipedia for its meaning. I take it to mean "I salute the God (El-Shaddai) in you"

  4. Tolu,I can just say…all the reader's of this blog are so lucky and blessed…because we all have the chance of reviewing,reading and thinking about all the truths you talk about,..these truths are not strange or unfamiliar,..but it seems we lost them somewhere and we can find them again here.Thanks Tolu,MY Brother

  5. Thanks Bahar. I am glad to be an instrument in the maker's hands. It is my raison d'être and that which i will do as long as i have the breath of life.

  6. Now, I believe there is a certain thing that does not want me to read your posts , because I keep suscribing every time I come on the blog. Bros , what is happening?I love this , Being prepared is simply holding on to God,it makes me surrender all to the Holy Spirit and that highly comforts me.

  7. Tolu, I will check that out and make sure it is resolved. Nothing must stop my namesake from reading my posts.You are so right – holding on to God, trusting Him is the only way to be prepared for any eventuality. "They that trust in the Lord shall be like Mount Zion, which shall not be removed, but abides forever."

  8. Tolulope,So much wisdom in this post, this is a stellar. So insightful, thought provoking and refreshing. Each time i visit your blog not only do i learn something new, i follow up by applying what i learnt too. Just curious to find how, how did the talk go?

  9. Thank you Buky. I am thoroughly honored to receive this comment. The talk went very well, I thought. Like writing, talking is something I enjoy doing. It was a business conference and I thought it was great. Here is the website – I had a chance to talk about the relationship between freedom, love and innovation in business. I loved it.

  10. My, my, my, my!Tolulope, I am absolutely lost for words! Wow, What an awesome post…LIVING READY…two powerful words. I am lost in thought of the wonder of the God we serve. You have stirred me up and called me to action AGAIN :)What a joy, what a pleasure, what an honour to be ready to do His will. Our whole life should be a form of worship and we should therefore always be ready.Tolupe, may every step you take, be a step of increase.Blessings to you and your family.

  11. Thank you for your comments Carole. I am glad my posts are a call to action. I am called to action myself."Our whole life should be a form of worship and we should therefore always be ready." I really love that. When we live like that, we are ready for anything, anything at all. It is a joy, it is a pleasure and it is a honor – His burden is light and His yoke is easy. The weight of glory, the benefit of following, of living a life of worship far outweigh the cost.And amen to all your prayers. Amen.

  12. By the not so random ways of God, I came to this blog posting today and it blessed me. It reminded me that there is a time and season for everything, hence the need to say no to some worthwhile engagements to fulfill purpose

    The example you gave of Martha convicted me and it also reminded me that if Jesus, while here on earth as man, did things the way I sometimes do, even though he is also God, he might have failed in His mission

    The significance of what Bill Clinton captured reminds me of Mark 1:29-39, where Christ in the middle of a hectic season, took time out for Solitude with God and then said “No” to a legitimate demand.

    Thanks much Tolu, it’s just what I needed

    • Thanks for your comments. We often feel guilty for saying “No” but it is impossible to fulfill our specific purpose here in the limited time we have without some No’s. It pays to remember we are finite and if so, we cannot serve everyone or do everything. It also pays to realize that before we arrived on the scene, God was okay and He will still be if we are not there.

      • Well said Tolu, thank you for these precious words. Indeed before we arrived on the scene God was okay and when we are not there, He will forever be more than okay.

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