Living on a fault line

I live on a fault line. We all do. They may or may not be geological but we live on very active fault lines. There are tremors daily and no one knows when they will be full blown earthquakes. In Montreal last year, I was in my office one day when I felt a tremor that shook the items on my desk as the building itself shook. Those of us who may not be living on active geological fault lines are living on spiritual, emotional, social, economic or political fault lines where tectonic plates could move against each other without warning, creating earthquakes resulting in thousands of casualties. Our history and our present, individually and collectively, testify.

Calamity surrounds us and no place is immune. Those who do not experience physical earthquakes may be experiencing political earthquakes, economic or financial tsunamis or tsunamis of famine, hunger or pestilence of some sort. The results are usually the same – widespread devastation. While environmental or economic destruction can be detected and repaired, spiritual, emotional, bodily, social destruction are much harder to detect or repair but they are all destructions that could be as localized as to be experienced by an individual or as widespread as to be globally felt.

Fault lines are our reality and that is no news. Science may claim to be able to explain geological fault lines but how do you explain a well behaved employee coming to work and shooting as many people as possible before killing himself? There has to be hope, otherwise we live in a sad world. It makes sense to me for hope to come from outside our world. It makes sense to me for hope to come from the maker of our planet and the inventor of us. I live as everyone else on fault lines but I am not in anyway fearful for myself or my family and those connected to me. The context in which I live as everyone else, demands that there be a refuge and I have fled for refuge.

I believe wholeheartedly that the Maker of our planet and all others who also invented us, during a certain period in human history, became us in order to become the singular solution to the fault lines that developed when evil was willfully introduced into this planet at the onset. I believe that the prevalence of evil and the activity of fault lines resulted in the gruesome murder of the Creator by his creatures. I believe it was all part of the plan to become the solution. I believe that as Creator, he possessed the power to die and the power to live again. I believe he exercised both powers, in the right order. I also believe that as Creator, He has the right to declare that He has earned the authority by the sacrifice of His own life, to become my refuge. I believe that if He says He is my refuge from the activity of all possible fault lines, then He is. I believe that if He says all I need to do is believe in Him then I will be free from fear of earthquakes even though I literally live now in a place that is subject to quakes, He is right.

I live on a fault line but I will not fear, “though the earth be removed and the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea…though the mountains shake…” I will not fear. I have chosen to make the Lord my refuge and I have made the secret place of the most High my dwelling place. Outside of that, I have every reason to despair, to hate living and to propagate hatred and death, knowingly or unknowingly. But I refuse to. For my sanity, and despite the fact that I live right now on a multitude of fault lines, I choose to believe He who said, “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy but I have come, that you may have life and have it more abundantly.” Juxtaposed with all that is happening in this community I live in, this global village, abundant life seems impossible but I have chosen to believe it. I believe it and I will not fear. I must not fear because I need to be a succor, I need to be hope in the midst of hopelessness to others and be a pointer to the refuge.

My personal refuge is God’s Love, as hard as that may be to accept for people going through the effects of different kinds of quakes. For me, that is the only thing that does not get quaked. I believe everything in my life outside God’s love is subject to quakes and destruction, including the body I live in. What sustains it for one more second, I choose to believe, is God’s love. That love is my dwelling place. I have chosen to dwell there because I reckon that nothing in the present or in the future, good or bad, has the capability of removing me from there or making that love which is my dwelling place, to cease being. I am fully convinced that the Love of Christ is the reason I can live on fault lines and even attempt to be an instrument of peace, of grace, a ray of hope. I believe that if that love enables me to fearlessly and joyfully live on the fault lines on which I live, all of God’s creatures can experience the same.

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  1. ''Behold, what manner of love is this , that a man will lay down His life for His brethen''.Like I say unto people without Jesus in my life, am just a useless lump of clay, He is the reason I wake up from my bed everyday , He brings meaning into my life. Thank you, Tolu for telling us about this fault lines , they draw us to our Creator.P.s: Thanks so much for your advice, i will always need it.

  2. Tolulope, thank you. I wish we all knew that the Creator is not the problem but the solution. We would realize that He who loved us enough to die for us in order to provide an eternal refuge from the quakes is not the cause of the fault lines or the earthquakes. He is the solution, not the problem and with tears in His eyes, He says it in a still small voice. Remember, He was not in the earthquake when Elijah was waiting for Him but in the still small voice, very easy to miss as we focus on the earthquake.

  3. Your sentence: "I am fully convinced that the Love of Christ is the reason I can live on fault lines and even attempt to be an instrument of peace, of grace, a ray of hope." This for me is key to living a fulfilled life, one free of self-condemnation and one able to accept and appreciate God's grace.

  4. I read this piece earlier. It had profound truths in it that confronted me 'unpleasantly' that I knew I couldn't comment immediately. I had to allow the truths to sink in and now that I have, these are my thoughts:I've accepted that I will always live on a fault line for as long as I'm in this world. I'm not only talking about physical fault lines here. I don't necessarily live on a fault line in Texas, but I live on a fault line because the world is a fault line where nothing is ever permanent. It is a fault line because there is nothing here that is really secure, nothing that guarantees sure footing. Even the 401ks and the other investments can all be gone in the twinkle of an eye. It's a world where economies rise and fall and where one phone call can forever change lives, oft times for worse. It's a hard thing to accept that our world, and all the material things we love so dearly is all a fault line. When you are a mother, you worry constantly for the safety of your children – in the spiritual, but oftentimes phsyical areas of life. You want them to have the best schools, the best clothes, the best house, the best of everything. But look at what happened in Japan,I'm sure there are mothers like me who did everything right but then had all of those materials taken away from them suddenly and to worsen things, the physical safety of their families are threatned. From your post from yesterday, my understanding has been reinforced not to trust in anything in this world…not even what the experts tell you to trust in. Only trust God and his word. To that end, I will always carry his word in my heart, just in case I'm left with nothing. I hope I will never have to experience what mothers in Japan experienced, but just for "insurance" sake, I will bottle up his word in me, my children and my husband just so that we have something to live on should an earthquake ( either spiritual or physical ) happen. I call it "the Earthquake insurance" and it's only God that sells that kind of insurance…and the funny part about it is that you have no premiums or deductibles to pay. What a gracious God!Nameste!

  5. Again, I have an addendum to my post, LD. Nothing here is permanent – we need to come to terms with that. When we do, we can look up to the only One who can provide safety – true peace that passes understanding. I honestly do not know what else to say to all that you have said because it is so true. God's Word, God's Promise is truly the earthquake insurance. Heaven and earth may pass away, the mountains may be thrown into the midst of the sea but we will not fear, because not one jot of his Word will fail.Namaste!

  6. Interestingly, would you believe? A few minutes ago, there was a tremor felt in downtown Montreal. I was in my office and felt it – lasted a few seconds. Fault lines.

  7. These words bring Comfort: "I live on a fault line but I will not fear, "though the earth be removed and the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea…though the mountains shake…" I will not fear."Welcome, again, to The High Calling!

  8. Thank you Cheryl. I agree with you, they do bring comfort, much needed comfort. I leaned on them again after yesterday's tremor confirmed that I live not only on figurative fault lines but geological fault lines. Thank you for visiting and for welcoming me to The High Calling.

  9. Hello Tolu,I'm so happy for being your student,you have always something to teach,…hope one day I can find an insight as you have."Those of us who may not be living on active geological fault lines are living on…." ,It's very beautiful.Thanks Again

  10. Thank you Bahar. I am grateful for the honor of contributing to you. Yes, you can have even more insight than I may have. You have become a daughter of the most High God, from whom my insight comes. Check out this post by Lara Daniels. As we walk with him as Lara Daniels says, He will talk with us, share with us as we talk with Him and share with Him. It is the most beautiful experience on earth and I wish more people experience it because it is available to all.

  11. hello toluhow are you? apologies for my absence my hands were tied and thanks for your email.reading this reminds me of the scriptures which says we are engraved in the palm of his hands. once our faith is anchored on the omniscient and omnipresent i strongly believe that we would live with the assurance that everything wil be alright.david said i loo k up to the hills where does my help come from? it comes……….i would echo the words of cheryl smith again that your words here bring so much comfort and it's needed in this season.take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of the day

  12. Ayo, thanks for visiting. I am doing great. No apologies needed. You are involved in a great and sorely needed initiative so you need to devote as much time as possible to it. In any case, please do not feel the need to visit/comment. It is a big honor that you would be a subscriber – thank you.Thank you for your comments. I so agree with your statement that once our faith is anchored in the omniscient and omnipresent, we would live with the assurance that everything will be alright. That precisely is what faith is. We may not be able to control tremors and quakes but we can link up with our Father who created all things including the quaking earth.

  13. David, thank you for choosing this post. I am honored and pleasantly surprised. I will keep writing and will keep learning from you all.

  14. Fault lines everywhere–life is precarious on so many levels. All of this is so thought provoking, leaving us to ponder the reality that only One is truly steadfast and stable, and to Him we cling and find firm foundation.Thank you for this deep, rich reflection.

  15. Tolu – I think this is a truth we all need to rest firmly on. Everything created around us shakes; only the One Creator is firm, and his love holds us secufrely.Stopping by from David's "Around the Network" since I apparently missed this post the first time around! (I lurk here often, Tolu! You are learning and writing great things in this space.)

  16. Ann, thank you for your comments. I believe it, only One is truly steadfast. He is the only one to cling to and He is the one we were designed to cling to.Charity, thank you for stopping by again and for lurking here. I am honored that you would consider this a place to lurk. I look at you, Ann, David, L.L. Barkat and all the others at HC whose writings are so rich and I tell myself I have a lot to learn from all of you. I really do, so thank you for your encouragement. I am a student of you all.

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