Living the life

Removing my religious hat as I meditate on this, the word,”life” keeps flashing in my mind. The Author of life did not say we would be Christians when we believed, but that we would receive eternal life. Eternal life is a form of life.

Death became sovereign after the fall of humanity from divinity. Hatred, lust and greed came to characterise us, as they end in some form of death. Even while alive, death sets in to the very cells in our bodies. We toil and we experience all forms of lack and that also tends to death, in a universe created by an omnipresent One whose words bring matter into existence! The very planet itself groans under the dominion of death, hence the disasters we experience. Yes, we make “nice” things but death happens at every point along the “value” chain of production, service and finance.

Against this backdrop, the scriptures introduce the last Adam saying, “In Him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” The last Adam brings us new life, also called eternal life and that life swallows up death in all its forms as light erases darkness, living no trace of it. Before crucifixion, He showed us life and stated that those who receive His life will do the same things He did and more. It is taken for granted that Jesus never sinned, was never sick and never lacked. There is a belief that Jesus was poor but who needs to be rich when you can be “poor” like Jesus? He dominated and at times sidestepped the physical, economic, social and spiritual environments until He identified with us in redemption.

Bypassing the system, the life in Him turned water into the best wine at a wedding when wine was exhausted, hurting or destroying nothing in the process. So full of life, He healed and raised people who were sick, diseased or dead, swallowing up death simply with words or touch. Even his clothes had life in them. No hospitals were set up, no drugs with deadly side effects were administered, no medical bills to pay.

A boy’s lunch in His hands received life, and rapidly multiplied to feed about 20,000 people to satisfaction and excess. Imagine the bakeries that were not used, the wheat that was not sown, grown, harvested or milled, the amount of oil and yeast that were neither produced nor used, the heat that was not introduced into the environment, the fish that were not harvested, the labourers that did not toil, the money and commodities markets that did not register the demand and supply!

He loved and set free even the worst of sinners, when the religious people around Him demanded death. With His words, He silenced a major storm and evil spirits left their victims.

This is an indication of what we are missing. It is a life form, not a religion, not a philosophy and not a mindset, for nothing but life is strong enough to swallow up death, leaving no trace of it. This is abundant life we are born into and inherit from the last Adam who is called Jesus Christ. It is a supernatural, unending, indestructible life that is more than enough for oneself, a life that heals, blesses and loves everyone and everything, no matter how hopeless. Imagine a husband or a wife or a parent or a child with this life? Imagine an entrepreneur or a farmer or a medical doctor or a cleaner or a President with this life? What would the world be like?

Like most, I am far from it but I am determined to move beyond mere admiration and worship of this Jesus, and take even baby steps daily towards living this life, as I learn more about it. Living it is incomparably better than musing or writing about it but living it requires musing and involves sharing it.

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