It’s a life

Often, I sense the need to remind myself that I am not involved in a religion, not even merely a relationship with God, but that I have a new life. While relationships  can be ignored, suspended or terminated, life cannot, since we did not originate it. We do not own our lives, we only live them. Life demands ceaseless nurture and attention. The life I have determines my intake, my actions and my fruits. My life dictates my relationships and it cuts across my various roles.

There is a tendency to compartmentalize our lives into spiritual, social, business, student, religious etc, thereby relegating new birth to insignificance, missing its implications and losing its infinite benefits. In reality, we live one life which determines our way of being in our various roles. You either have human life which is subject to natural laws and man-made systems or supernatural life which dominates nature and man-made systems.

Believing in Christ is neither a religion nor church membership. It is the beginning of a new life, a supernatural life for a supernatural existence, the very life Christ exhibited when He walked this planet. That life, more than merely a relationship with God is what enabled Him to stop storms with His words, cause His disciple to walk on water, raise the dead, heal the sick and provide material provisions independent of money.

If you are a believer, how come you are not experiencing and exhibiting the glories of that life in your domain today?

  1. You do not realize that you received a new life when you believed.
  2. You do not know that the life is wholly immature and so without intentional growth, living like Christ is no more likely than a baby driving a car.
  3. You do not know that like newborns, development requires a process involving prescribed nutrition and exercises.
  4. You are not following the prescriptions.
  5. You think the new life you have received is inferior to or not as real as the human life you had.

The life in a baby is the same as an adult’s. A baby may have more potential than an adult but as long as any of the above describes you and I, we will remain as far from Christ as babies are from adulthood.

What is the point of our existence?

A friend of mine used to say, “ká dàále ká tun shà,” a Yoruba word I interpret to mean let us put it apart and then reconstruct it. It is usually said when you need better understanding of a matter. This is what I am doing in this post.

Human beings were created to be and act like God. If God did a good job, it should be hard for an observer to differentiate man from God. God put all his power at the disposal of man (and woman), telling them to have dominion and represent Him on earth.

We do not see man having dominion or behaving like God today, because we fell from our original estate. Instead, we see struggles, toiling and all forms of death. We make cool things and good things happen on this planet but the scriptures say death reigned since the fall and we need not look far to testify. Occupy is an authentic cry against death.

God introduced Himself into our midst by becoming one of us and still retaining His essence. That in itself testifies to our being in His class. A dog cannot become a goat and still be a dog. Christ became the last Adam who came to correct the first Adam’s fall, which we all inherited. Now, whoever receives Him, receives not a religion, but life, the life we lost. Whoever does not is free not to, free to continue the struggle, free to remain in eternal death.

This new life puts us back in God’s class where the very ability of God is at our disposal just as our minds and hands are at our disposal. We activate God’s ability with our words of faith, as Jesus did, to address issues we would have classified as impossible or died trying to fix. This life enables us, like Christ, to effect any change on planet earth, whether individual, social, economic, political or environmental. It enables us to do greater works than Christ. Now, the very angels long to look into the “amazingness” of the grace wherein we stand.

Given that all these are true, what is the point of our existence if we have received new life? Did God come to earth to die in our stead so we can lead comfortable lives and be lights under a bushel, salt without saltiness in a world crying out for want of salt and light? Are we believers in Christ so we can eat, drink, be merry and then go to heaven? If that is all, I think we need to junk what we claim to believe, because it is a waste.

For me, there is more, so much more, so much more…to this new life.