Loose God and let Him Go

The Creator is Love, eager to relate with every Human who would allow Him and manifest Himself through all He Created. In union with Christ all things consist, whether church or state and perhaps church and state need each other. The thought of stoning homosexuals to death is an attempt to exclude God from the abominable. Who or what on earth does not need Love?

We see depravity and wickedness deserving the death penalty but Love sees brokenness in need of grace and redemption. By rescuing a woman who was to be stoned to death for committing an obvious atrocity, Jesus was saying, “she who is most messed up is the neediest and therefore the one I want to be with.” God would not be Love if He did not want to be with murderers and people who are most broken. 

Being God’s temple means we are carriers of God, who should take Him to people and places He wants to be, those who are most needy, most broken, most neglected, most humble.

A while ago, I came to the liberating thought that God is not a Christian. He cannot be bracketed. That thought freed me to worship in spirit and in truth rather than on “this mountain” or at Jerusalem. Worshipping in spirit means being comfortable worshiping God among Jews as worshipping Christ in a Buddhist temple or a mosque. If not, isn’t His jurisdiction limited? Can we still call Him Lord? I think God is to be worshipped everywhere He is present. After all, “whither shall I flee from thy presence?”

If God needs to be out of mind when I serve my clients, staff, community, speak to a class of MBAs or group of entrepreneurs, is He really God? If God is bounded by the walls of a church, limited to the hearts of Christians or only speaks to us through the pages of a book, is the earth really the Lord’s and the fullness thereof? 

God’s holiness is not compromised because he associates with sinners. He associates with sinners because He desires for us all to come up to His level, especially those who are messed up and including the people we hate. God is not less needed in a crack house than in a church house. If there is joy in heaven when one human turns to God, would it not make sense for God to want to create joy by associating with sinners? If “Wisdom cries aloud in the streets and raises her voice in the markets,” could it mean that we are the ones preventing God (Love) from entering Wall Street?

The only people God cannot stand, whom He stands against, are the proud. It is easy to be proud when we think we are better. God wants to be with every one else including proud people who realize their pride, so if you are His temple, please loose Him and let Him go.

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  1. Hi Tolu,

    Miracles are happening to me one after another,and you are always in my mind and my heart in all these moments.Today was one of the biggest one,it could be my worst day of my life but it change to the best with a great miracle,and everybody believed that it can just be a miracle. Now the only thing that always suffers  me is my son that is one year i haven’t seen him and it’s so painful for me,but I just leave it to God and I’m sure it gonna be ok.Tolu,I feel God in all my cells,all around me.

    Thank you for show me the way ,


  2. “God is not a christian”…interesting :) 

    I know that we are called Christians cos we we are “like Christ”. “Worshiping in spirit means being comfortable worshiping God among Jews as worshipping Christ in a Buddhist temple or a mosque.”What does that mean exactly, that it is okay for a Christian (born-again) to go to a mosque/budhist temple to worship Christ? Am thinking I know what you mean but just need a clarification :)

    Deep thoughts in this post, as always.

    • Thanks for your comments Ngina, thank you. The full explanation of this post will probably require more than I can provide but I will try. It is my riskiest post so far. It provokes deep thoughts in me too as I am forced to dig deep into the scriptures.

      God is not a Christian. I guess I should put that in quotes because Jesus said, if you have seen me you have seen the Father so we can say God is exactly like Christ, in which case we may say God is a Christian but He is not a “Christian” in the sense of loving Christians and hating the rest of the world. He is interested in all of humanity and for sure, He wants everyone to follow the way, the truth and the life, who is Christ. God is bigger than religion makes him appear. He is Creator, not a religious figure – that is what I was getting at. 

      The scriptures say pray without ceasing right? Most of us work among people who are far from being Christians (they may be new agers, jewish, moslems, buddhists, etc). Do we stop praying because we are in their midst or because we are at work and not in church? I hope not. After all, it is not a building that makes a temple, it is the humans there. Just like anywhere you have two believers you potentially have church, anywhere you have new agers, you potentially have a new age gathering! If we can continue to pray and worship God among them at work, why can we not pray among non Christians in a non-Christian temple?

      I am not saying we should go to a heathen temple but if a born again believer has to minister the gospel in a predominantly Buddhist environment, would we fail to go to their temple because it is Buddhist? How else can we take God into the place if we do not go there? How else will they know that God loves them if we keep away? Apostle Paul went into the midst of idol worshippers and presented Christ to them using what he found in their midst. Guess what? Some believed. Imagine if he had kept away.

      I have come to the realization that if a true Christ follower goes into the most Christ-hating environment in the world, multitudes would follow. Why? He like Christ, would simply love them, which is what everyone is secretly seeking.

      We are not the light of the church but of the world. We are supposed to be light in darkness not light in the sun. Light has no usefulness except in darkness. Also, there is no part of this universe or this planet that does not belong to Christ who is Lord – our keeping away from certain places just makes darkness enlarge its reach and dominance. We carry God and we have a huge responsibility to loose Him and let Him recover every part of the planet He made. We were not sent here to be part of a religion but to enlarge God’s kingdom. 

      Sorry, this is already a blog post but thank you for your comments. I continue to study.

      • I agree with you with you, this should be a blog post :) It is so super!

        I ended my comment by saying that “I think I know what you mean, but just need clarification” . You have put everything in a clear succinct way and I hear you clearly and agree. 

        I particularly agree with you on this – that we lose the spirit of it (the truth of scriptures) when we attempt to take it without deep contemplation and thoughtfulness. I believe that’s why many opt for religion, with it’s structure, restrictiveness and often lack of compassion.

        I hear you on being light in our workplaces. We have a missionary in our church (back home in Kenya) who lives and ministers amongst the moslem in our coastal region. He wears their the long white robes, keeps a beard and would be hard to differentiate him from the locals. I agree that God is sovereign, and we do well to act as though it’s true!

        I know a single blog post will not always be able to explain everything. Sometimes it’s hard to explain the thoughts behind the post, to lay out everything without going overboard with the word-count. But we keep going.

        Thanks for your boldness with this topic. i appreciate you taking time to respond in depth like this. You are a blessing. Keep on keeping on! To the glory of God.

        • Thanks @nginaotiende:disqus. I think the number one characteristic of religion is lack of compassion and empathy, which are opposite to Christ.

          Imagine if we are all missionaries? Would we be like that main in your church who is outwardly indistinguishable from a Moslem? And we are all supposed to be missionaries!

          I am really blessed by how much you enrich the conversations on this blog. Thank you.

      •  I think the blog post continues well on this comment. I read the topic and had to read this extra bit to fully understand what you meant. I have to absolutely agree on this post. Deep and cutting across our religiousness. Jesus is a true picture of who God is, He associated yes, even with prostitutes, Paul the Pharisee, Lazarus  the tax collector. He epitomized Love, God is Love, and everyone needs Love.

        Remember Mary pouring perfume on Jesus feet, Judas Iscariot was the first to object saying, “Why wasn’t this perfume sold and the money given to the poor? It was worth a year’s wages.” Seemingly religious of him to say that, maybe pious, but his motives were far away from that.

        Being a light in the darkness, a lamp that is put on a stand and that gives light to all in the house, is actually agreeing to this fact that, ‘God is not a secret and in essence God is not Christian.’ Therefore where the message is needed is in the darkness, in the outermost, outside the church building and not only among fellow believers. It will only be effective if we live it by loving everyone despite and in spite of their inclinations. The post you did on God being the source, ties into this post seamlessly.

        I’ve always felt that deep within me, that it was never about religion, God is everywhere, loves everyone, that He alone is judge. The two greatest commandments give us the part we need to play, to love God, love ourselves and then love others by extension.

        Always a blessing Tolu, Keep on keeping on as Ngina says to God’s glory. If you didn’t know, you are ministering the gospel to the outermost just by this blog. I appreciate taking the risk.

        • @TaunetNelel_JB,thank you for being deeply engaged and for adding to me and the readers of this blog. I have nothing more to add to what you have said because you took it further.

          Thank God for comments, otherwise 300 – 500 words cannot do justice.

          This is stellar – “God is not a secret and in essence God is not Christian.”

          We had better let everyone have the God who has chosen to make our bodies his temple.

          Thank you for your encouragement.

          I am thinking about the answer to your question in the latest post and will respond.

          • I always appreciate Tolu. Comments really do help, question the thoughts that we have, and share what we know. You really add to me too.
            May we let the God who chose our bodies as His temple loose, let Him permeate all that pertains us and the world will reflect that. Will be waiting to share more.

    • Everything written about God and about Christ in scriptures is truth. Taken without deep contemplation and thoughtfulness, we lose the spirit of it. The first introduction of God in scriptures is as Creator. When Christ was introduced in John’s Gospel, He was also introduced as Creator. That says a lot. God is not a religious figure. The danger of seeing God through religious lens is that it leads to “separation of church and state”, making God only relevant in religious matters when He is Creator first and foremost. That is why our economic system for example is completely devoid of God (Love) and is purely survival of the fittest – we edge God out because we (religious and non religious people) see God only through religious lenses. If God was seen as Creator and Lord, if Jesus was seen as Creator, Lord and Redeemer, our society, economies and politics will be completely different.

      I hope these help. I am continuing to dig deep.

  3. Tolu- I agree with Ngina and also echo the thank you for being bold and talking about what most Christians shy away from talking about. It has to be that we are not called to be religous but rather God loving and therefore, loving toward everyone else regardless of their religion. We as humans always have to parcel things into what’s understandable to us. A God who is like us, limited and religous is perhaps the best way many people know how to define (box) him.  But I, like you, think we must “let Him go” and not limit our perception of His power and dominion over the universe. He loves us all…. and all is possible with God.
    Thank you brother for your brave heart. I believe God put this upon your heart to remind us all to get off our religion and get on with the work at hand: to love in the darkness, too.

    • It does take boldness to talk about this but this. Like I commented to Ngina, this is my riskiest post. How can you say God is not a Christian?

      I love what you said – “love in the darkness”. Where else are we supposed to be the light? We are trying to be light of the church when we are supposed to be light of the world – the darkness. Christ did not come for perfect people but for the imperfect, the ones who have been cast out by religion and society. Following him means doing likewise.

      I appreciate your enriching me, this blog and the readers of this blog. God bless you Ella.

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