Loved to love

Thanks to everyone who read or commented on this blog in 2012 and since inception. Thank you for being a blessing to me. I wish you and everyone a year of growth.

In 2012, I made Christlikeness my aim and that is not a new year’s resolution but a journey you embark on that never ends.

At the end of 2012, I realized I was very far from Christlikeness and that I need to better understand, practice and be a channel for the love of God starting from my home, where I have the golden opportunity to love my wife and children, God’s way.

God’s love sets a standard that is impossible to meet without His help. Yet He commands us to love like Him and says Love is the mark of true Christlikeness, not faith, knowledge or good works. It is easy to connect with groups of people but not as easy to connect deeply with and love a fellow human being where imperfection meets imperfection. Love makes you vulnerable and defenseless. This counterintuitive quote was brought to my attention last week by a subscriber of this blog, “In my defenselessness my safety lies.”

The command to Love God with all of my being and my neighbor as myself is the greatest Love statement from God (Love). That command transforms us from mere creatures to children of God (Love) who can love like Him. To love another human being deeply and genuinely, is the greatest source of fulfillment because we were made by God (Love) to love. We are not happy because we are loved but that we love. I do not begin to be a man, a husband, a Father, an individual or a follower of Christ without Love – selflessly, tenderly, defenselessly caring for and working for another’s good, in response to the truth that I and every human being are individually beloved of God (Love).

2 thoughts on “Loved to love

  1. Happy new year Tolu. Thanks for the awesome posts in 2012; your words gave me a deeper understanding…

    Love hasn’t been so easy for me, especially when it has to be selfless but I’m learning that to be like Christ (Love), I have to be ready to put aside myself and embrace another. It’s a choice I have to make.

    Have a glorious 2013.

  2. Happy New Year Tolu, greetings to your family.

    We all fall short in meeting God’s standard of love, especially loving the unlovable. Thank God for the Holy Spirit, our personal helper and comforter. To love we must risk being hurt by being vulnerable and open without holding back.

    My love walk is being put to test daily, some days are easier than others. God’s will is being perfected even on the not so great days. The grace is there for us when we put Him first and our hearts are aligned with His will.

    Thank you for sharing out of your meditation with the Father.

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