Making use of displeasure

At some point in the history of the universe, our planet was formless, desolate and engulfed in total darkness. It was nothing near what we see today. According to Genesis, God’s Spirit brooded over the situation like we all do over unwanted situations, but there was no change. Then God started to speak.

God’s first words require studying as it gives a template for how to deal with unwanted situations. Instead of speaking about what was happening, He spoke what He wanted but was yet to manifest – “Light, be”. I asked Tofunmi my daughter a few days ago, “If God had said, ‘wow, this is so dark’, what would have happened?” She replied quite insightfully, “it will be dark.” For One whose words come into being, speaking what was happening would only have perpetuated the situation. God’s words come into being, so do ours because we are copies of God. That is why Jesus showed repeatedly, “you can have what you say.”

After God spoke light and light appeared, the scriptures recorded, “God was pleased with what he saw.” He must have been displeased with the darkness but His displeasure was channeled into creating what He desired, by speaking what He desired, not what was happening.

Like God, you can craft the future you want regardless of the present. I sometimes brood over a negative situation and set up camp around it, but brooding changes nothing. The thing to do, I realize, is not to waste my displeasure but to channel it into creating what I desire, which is quite easy since we were made to desire light, peace, prosperity, health, life.

Brooding over and talking about an unwanted situation will not change it. If you are unwell, you will not become well by brooding over the situation. An efficient way to use displeasure is to pour the same energy into speaking what we desire, that is not yet manifest. Words not only control our bodies, our lives, our actions and situations, they control the universe and they create reality, when spoken with strong conviction. Imagine what happens when you allow the energy organically generated by your displeasure over an unwanted situation to fuel your words.

4 thoughts on “Making use of displeasure

  1. Like father, like daughter. Tofunmi is growing up to be just like you. May we choose to channel our words into creating pleasure from displeasure, just as God did in the beginning. Beautiful post.

  2. One of the key things that jumped out to me recently is this: Where you are is where God has you and where God has you, He desires to use you. And a primary way of living in those circumstances is speaking words that are Spirit and Life, words aligned to the purpose of the Master.

    Gracias for the post

  3. I had read this post earlier but now reading it with “new set of eyes”, I got a revelation from reading Tofunmi’s response. Am I brooding or making use of the displeasure to speak life into the darkness and express what I want to manifest? Thank you for the enlightening post!

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