Mere words?

Tofunmi, our 4-year old daughter and I were watching the story of Jacob and Esau on the Child’s Bible app yesterday when my inner eyes opened to some truths I knew but did not know.

Jacob stole the blessing meant for Esau his older brother, with the aid of his mother, who must have understood that words are not just words. On the face of it, all Isaac did was lay hands on Jacob and make pronouncements over him but in reality, unseen, powerful forces were activated. 

Jacob successfully receives the spoken words from his Father. Esau comes in, hoping to receive the blessing. Isaac replied to this effect, “Oh my goodness! I have already blessed him and without fail, he shall be blessed.” If the pronouncements on Jacob were mere words, Isaac could have simply said, “Oh I am so sorry, Esau. Naughty Jacob…” and proceed to make the same pronouncements on Esau. Isaac knew that when he spoke, powerful forces were set in motion that were no longer within his control. Spiritually, the deed was done.

After Esau pleaded, Isaac went on to say, “Behold, I have made him thy lord, and all his brethren have I given to him for servants; and with corn and wine have I sustained him: and what shall I do now unto thee, my son?” Isaac considered that he had made Jacob Lord, given him servants, sustained him with corn and wine! Just by speaking?

5 thoughts on “Mere words?

  1. There are no mere words. I had asked myself why Rachel went to all that effort to help Jacob steal Esau’s blessing. These are very great truths.

    I am learning that there are “some truths I knew but did not know”. Truly appreciate this post!

    • Thank you Maureen. Your comments always encourage me. Thank you.

      There are no mere words otherwise we would not need to give account not only of our actions but also of our words. Obviously words affect the foundation of the universe and rearrange affairs in the physical as well as the spiritual…Rebecca seemed to have understood that..

      • I am humbled Tolu, thanks. Realized I had written Rachel, I have edited that. Very well said, words are effected in the spiritual (unseen world) then manifest in the physical (seen world).

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